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  1. Re: More Trouble for Rolando - Suspended First Four Games of Season

    If the Cowboy"s are smart they'll drop him immediately. As talented as he is, he's not worth the problems he brings.

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    Re: Bama's Latest Recruiting Poster

    Why on earth would anyone ever suggest changing this beautiful uni?

    :BigA: :BigA: :BigA:
  3. Re: Brandon Ivory a suspect in Tuscaloosa armed robbery

    Dang, a recent grad from The University can't find some sort of a job in the Tuscaloosa area that would prevent such blatant stupidity as this?

  4. Re: Can a man be married to ONE man and ONE woman at the same time? Legally?

    If OBummer wants it, John Roberts will make it happen.
  5. Re: Puerto Rico can't pay back $70 billion in debt

    Central Florida too. Before I left Orlando 8 years ago the Orlando Sentinel had an article that said the the Central Florida area had replaced NYC as the most favored area for Puerto Ricans moving...
  6. Link: Re: High School Coach Explains Why Ronnie Harrison Was "Under-Ranked" as a Recruit

    That is my feeling also.
  7. Link: Re: NFL Networks' David Jeremiah Gives Analysis on Henry, Ragland, Robinson and Reed

    Amazing that you seem to be the only one that knows about his "problems" with his teammates. According to Tidefans and other forums I've visited since his arrival, he has shown a work ethic that...
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    Re: Greece Embraces "Radical Leftist" Party

    Which pretty well describes what we're currently doing, only we haven't had anyone trying to reform our stupidity since the advent of LBJ's War On Poverty.

  9. Re: Puerto Rico can't pay back $70 billion in debt

    Too late, they've invaded us.
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    Re: CFN's preview of the barn...

    Were you whining about allbarn posts on that thread?
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    Re: CFN's preview of the barn...

    Well, they are our most hated rival and we share the state with them as well as the same division in the SEC.
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    Re: CFN's preview of the barn...

    You mean a peerless coaching staff gave up 55 points to their bitterest rival and were beaten by, not one, but TWO teams who suffered humiliating 0-59 losses last season?

    I'm not buying that load...
  13. Is David Sweat already dead? (NO!, but captured and shot twice - in hospital)

    Haven't seen that possibilty considered yet, but why not? I'm pretty much convinced that he is, by suicide and even killed by Matt.

    I don't buy the idea that he was nearby when Matt was killed...
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    Re: supreme court upholds ACA

    Now O'Bummer can boast that he has a pen, a telephone and a SCOTUS.

  15. Re: Memphis Mayor Wants to Dig Up Dead Confederate War General

    Do most know that slavery of AA's only began because other tribes of AA's were willing to sell their long ago ancestors to the slavers of that time?
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