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    Re: CFN: Auburn at Alabama

    Part of me is so traumatized by the explainable luck that Auburn has had in the past that I can never feel good going into an iron bowl. But part of me feels like if we just play loose and have fun...
  2. Re: ESPN is going hard for the Buckeyes to be included in the playoff

    can Urban Meyer really survive another game against Saban?
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    Re: NFL Prospect Jalston Fowler

    Fowlers diversity is what gives him value, he's got great hands, can run the ball out of the backfield and play fullback. You say the fullback isn't big in the NFL yet when they get on the goal...
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    Re: ****Bama vs. MSU Postgame Thread****

    Just very proud of the guys, State is a great team, possibly a top 4. DL played another spectacular game, DB's came up with three picks and once again Sims comes up with some magic just when we...
  5. Re: For an F.S.U. Football Player, a Hit-and-Run Becomes Two Traffic Tickets

    Well seriously who's going to punish them for this? The NCAA? The Florida Governor? Nobody is going to punish them so there is no reason to not do it. Even the insurance companies involved...
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    Re: FSU Delays Winston's hearing until Dec 1

    American has tolerated those who would cast aside the moral code this country once followed to success. The bed is made.
  7. Re: LSU Director of Athletics Joe Alleva Apologizes to Bama.

    It's seriously been too long for this to still be an issue, It's time for them to move on.
  8. Re: Bleacher Report's Outstanding Analysis

    Not only is the glaring oversight on Drake unforgivable but to date Henry has not proven to be a good option as a starting back. He's big and given a hole you have a problem bringing him down but...
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    Re: ****Bama vs. LSU Postgame Thread****

    Is this how Auburn fans feel like? (up until today)
  10. Re: Tyren Jones suspended from the team for now.

    Amazing how we supposedly have all these running backs in the fall and by mid season we are eyeing the water boys stride while hauling coolers.
  11. Re: Vols field condition during the game last night

    My guess is they noticed how the wet field affected us in Fayetteville and they wet down the field before the game. There was no rain in the forecast so the Bama equipment men might not have...
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    Re: ****Bama vs. UT - Postgame Thread****

    Dobbs brought a different dimension to UT than we expected. We have seen in the past that our Defense relies heavily on preparation, when major changes happen like this it's tough to adjust on...
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. UT****

    I hate it when the other team starts catching all these impossible passes. That only happens against us. Everybody becomes a hall of fame receiver.
  14. Link: Re: TJ Yeldon Getting Comparisons to McFadden and DeAngelo Williams from NFL Scouts

    I think Yeldon is like a poor man's Marcus Allen. The main difference being that I think Allen had better top end speed. Yeldon has great burst bur rarely beats the safety to the end zone in a flat...
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    Re: Does Mississippi State impress you?

    As Yoda said to luke, "Vader, you must face Vader, then and ONLY then a Jedi will you be" Guess who the Vader of college football is
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