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  1. Thread: Its BARN Week!

    by mittman

    Re: Its BARN Week!

    I have found it just as effective to just sit there quietly, slightly smiling, working a good sized buck knife on a whetstone. :)
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    Link: Re: Where will Chip Kelly coach next season?

    I see, if this is the case agree completely. It is amazing the diverse skill set someone has to have to win consistently at this level. I don't think that was always the case, but it certainly is now.
  3. Re: Prince Charles - Climate change responsible for Syrian crisis

    Maybe a lack of fog in England is causing sunstroke. We need a study.
  4. News Article: Re: 9th-grader arrested after taking homemade clock to school

    maybe $150.
  5. Re: LSU Coach Les Miles May Be Coaching For His Job (Per Baton Rouge Advocate)

    With the LA recruiting hotbed, and LSU support just about any coach should be able to do better there than they are at their current job. In fact if, I am not mistaken, Saban went there because he...
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    Re: Ohio State vs Michigan State

    No way would I hurt the rest of my team by sitting Elliot. IMO this is a case of young men get frustrated and say things they shouldn't when they shouldn't. If he was taking the attitude further in...
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    Link: Re: Where will Chip Kelly coach next season?

    If you mean his ceiling at Ole Miss, I think you are probably right.

    Otherwise, I don't know. He seems to be a decent coach and person with a great understanding of the game. He seems to be able...
  8. Link: Re: Intolerance Masked As Tolerance Is Still Intolerance

    While I don't agree with a lot of his assessments, IMO his point about fascism is right on.
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    Re: What music are you diggin'?

    That's pretty cool.
  10. Re: anonymous claims Daesh has an attack planned for Atlanta Sunday night, among othe

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    Re: Virginia Tech Player Slaps Official

    I believe the contact was intentional. It appears to me he was knocking down the point to the defense side. IMO this should get a suspension. Whether this rises to the thug moniker is in doubt for...
  12. Re: Walk down memory lane just before Coach Saban's hire. Neal McCready

    I've said this before, and I will say it again. I thought getting Saban was a pipe dream, and thought we should have gone after Jimbo Fisher. I continue to be glad I was wrong.
  13. Re: The Iron Bowl Myth: A Great Rivalry Any Team Can Win

    Thanks Selma. Always appreciate not only your memory, but the insight you add to it. You always give the needed perspective.
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    Re: Another snub on the way for Big 12

    It would be more fun for me to see our team embarrass Notre Dame again, but I admit that is mostly due to my childhood. It really doesn't matter that much to me. I just enjoy digging through what...
  15. JessN: Re: If coaching carousel turns on Miles, someone at LSU is dumb

    LOL Ain't that the truth :)
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