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    Senior appreciation Day!

    After reading the article, losing 25 seniors, lots of leadership, and probably losing at least 3 juniors to early draft, it may be...
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    Re: 2016 DL Recruiting

    Everyone thought Hand was going to Michigan also. Harbaugh, and the improvement this season, makes it much tougher to recruit against.
  3. Re: Week Four Game Week Thread (Interviews, Press Conferences, Practice Reports)

    Finally! Krazy said something that makes sense. Maybe Krazy isn't so Krazy after all. :wink:
  4. Re: defensive stat that I was unaware of........ i knew things had gotten bad but...

    I am just AMAZED at all of the professional coaches on this board. Unfortunately most posters have never played the CB position. If many of the commenters had played CB in HS or college, they...
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    Re: 2015 CB Nigel Knott (Germantown, MS)

    The outcome of this game didn't necessarily help us with this prospect. Even though Saban is considered the CB guru, our CB's have not been playing very well the past couple of years. hope we still...
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    Link: Re: Ben Davis Adds Fifth Star

    I wish Ben Davis would go ahead and commit. Sometimes it helps bring in other big fish when a 5* commits.
  7. Re: 2016 S Shawn Jennings set to announce on 7/28

    Do we know when he is committing today?
  8. Re: Does Bama have a shot with Khalid Kareen?

    Welcome aboard the championship train. Enjoy the ride.
  9. Re: 2016 DT Quinnen Williams (Wenonah, AL HS) Updates

    Welcome aboard the championship train! We need to load up on DL this year. We'll be losing a lot next year.
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    Re: LB Riley Cole commits to Alabama

    Welcome Riley!! I was suprised he had a committable offer also. Wonder if we are missing on another ILB or Saban is trying to improve the character of our team after a bad off season of DUI's and...
  11. Re: ***2016 K Eddy Pineiro (JUCO) commits to Alabama***

    Welcome Eddy. I'm not concerned with how far he kicks as how consistently he can put 40 yds and less between the uprights. Foster and Griffith both were kicking 60 yarders in high school also. ...
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    Re: 2017 commits

    Sounds like our 2017 class is adding up nicely. Our 2016 team still is building slower than normal. Does the loss to the Nuts hurt us that bad in recruiting?
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    Re: Favorite players from your childhood

    Joey Jones and Walter Lewis. Loved Biscuit and Derrick Thomas too.
  14. Re: *** 2016 OL Chris Owens (Texas) Commits to Alabama ***

    RTR Chris. Welcome to the Championship train. Stay healthy and keep improving.
  15. Re: College football conference title game restrictions to be relaxed by 2016

    Would you've wanted to see it in 2014 also?
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