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  1. Re: Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli jets if they attacked Iran's nuclear plant

    How would we go about shooting down IAF jets. Do people not realize how good the pilots in the IAF are at air to air combat? Not saying that they are as good as our Air Force or Navy, but they are...
  2. Re: Johnny Manziel Entered Treatment This Past Wednesday

    I do not have any issue with Manziel but when he had his dismissal from the Manning camp, I thought it was stupid that so many tried to blame AJ for Manziel being late to morning meetings and drills....
  3. Re: B'ham "Black Lives Matter" shutdown of 280 @ 3 pm today

    The way traffic is around the Summit right now. I hope the protestors left about 11 this morning from downtown to get there by 3. Or else, they might not start the protest till after 10 tonight. ...
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    Re: Lane Kiffin - 2014 Broyles Award Winner

    He has turned out to be a great hire and has done the best coaching job of his life this season. Someone told me the other day that his family still lived in California. If that is true, that has...
  5. Re: UAB fires AD and is planning to shut down UAB football program

    Ummmm, there is a nice long waiting list for season tickets for Bama football. That begs the question of which list is longer? The waiting list for Bama Football season ticket packages or the...
  6. Re: Blake Sims Appreciation Thread - Season to date

    He should at least be up for some QB awards IMHO. Just amazing considering at least 50% of us didn't think he could play QB pre-season.

    50%? I think it was higher than that and I was one of...
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    Re: Feinbaum Show Should be Good Today

    If Paul had lived 2000 years ago, you would have found him in the Temple lying under a flipped over table! :smile:
  8. Re: Movie being made about Woodlawn High and Tony Nathan

    That game between Banks and Woodlawn was actually in the regular season. The two teams were the best in the state but only one team per area went to the state playoffs back then and Banks won the...
  9. Link: Re: Mississippi State Eyes Playoff and Another Shot at Alabama

    Does Mississippi State not realize that they were playing a gassed football team in the second half? Gives us 3 to 4 weeks to rest up and prepare for a 1st round playoff match up and that half time...
  10. Re: Op-Ed in Crimson White: UA Board Should Undergo Reform

    This whole mess seems to have been blown up again by an article written by John Archibald in the Bham News (who I think has written a second article). I just wonder what financial mess Archibald has...
  11. Thread: JK Scott

    by GreatMarch

    Re: JK Scott

    A replay was showed of one of Scott's punts and I was amazed at how flexible his leg is. He brings the leg so far back and then explodes through the ball! His knee come close to hitting his chest. ...
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    Re: Obama wants to make the internet a utility

    If you like your internet provider, you can keep your internet provider.
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    Re: Obama wants to make the internet a utility

    Who is going to do the regulation? Dept of Health and Human Services? :)
  14. News Article: Re: Naval Special Warfare Command Speaks Out Against "Bin Laden Shooter(s)"

    I thought the exact same thing!
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    Re: Predictions for 11-4 Elections

    If I am not mistaken, every courtroom bench in Jefferson County is seated by a Democrat. I might be wrong, but I think that was the case after the 2012 election.....
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