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  1. Game Thread Re: Early Game... Kansas St. @ Oklahoma (ESPN)

    31-24 KSU with 12:22 to play in the 4th. Come on KSU!
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    Re: Baylor vs West Virginia (FoxSports 1)

    Go West Virginia. WVA is up 27 - 20 and playing tough. They finally called (2) PI in a row on Baylor. WVA nearly took the Baylor QB out on what they called a late hit, but he was hit in bounds.
  3. Link: Re: Nick Saban Ready to 'Let the Horse Run' After Conversation with Alabama Golf Coac

    Let the horses run, but put a fire in the OL so they want run into brick walls. Also, be prepared to stop the horses for aTm.

    Roll Tide Roll!!
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    Re: Bama better with Lane Kiffin or worse?

    Kiffin has surprised me positively. Like many, I wondered about the hire. As of today, I do not think he is the reason for the inconsistencies we have seen.

    IMO, OL play and development of the 5...
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    Re: ****Bama vs. TAMU Pregame Thread****

    Roll Tide! Come on Bama and show all the doubters that you have Tide Pride and will stop the mental errors, excel on the OL and clamp down in the secondary.

    Yea Alabama!!!
  6. Link: Re: Heisman Trust Removes "Integrity" From Mission Statement

    BINGO! That's a goodie!
  7. Re: Arkansas to wear throwback uniforms tomorrow

    They look pretty good to me. However, I hope we put a lot of grass stains on them. Roll Tide! (Please)
  8. Re: Breaking: FSU and TPD covered up the Winston case

    Well, well well! I would have to disagree. It did not start with Bowden's leaving. Check the history a little deeper.
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Porcines Pregame Thread****

    Come on Bama, out "root" those Hogs!
  10. Thread: Bo wallace !

    by bamamoss2

    Re: Bo wallace !

    Got to give the guy credit. Too many Bama fans were "wishin and hopin" he would have a "Bad Bo" game and he did not.
    Their defense was all it was hyped up to be and our receivers allowed their DBs...
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    Re: Loss may end up being good thing....

    Bull!!! A loss is never a good thing. Wishing and hoping will not get us anywhere. Executing with more desire will help.
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Ole Miss Postgame Thread****

    Everybody should read Jesse's assessment. Too many folks not playing to their potential on this team. I sure hope some leadership emerges. It was clear the Ole Miss players wanted it more than...
  13. Re: 1964 Alabama AP and UPI National Championship reunion

    Here's a tip of my hat to my friend Vernon Newbill, a member of that team.
  14. Link: Re: Kansas State Has 'Roll Snyd' Shirts For Game Against Auburn

    My Auburn co-worker swears that Bama printed these shirts and sent them to Kansas State......
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    Re: SEC Network Alternate Channel

    Yes, the same thing happened with me. Lousy crummy bunch
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