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    Re: Advice on Bama fan's first trip to Tuscaloosa

    Good advice on here. The only thing I will add is be there 2 hours before kick-off and watch the Walk of Champions. Nothing like seeing those buses roll in. Puts a chill down my spine every time!
  2. Re: Reasons to be optimistic about Future of Alabama football...

    [QUOTE=PirateJoe2233;2334551]Currently it feels like Auburn is on top of the world."

    I stopped reading right there.
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    Re: Lacy Voted Second Team All-Pro!

    Good job Eddie! You make us proud!
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    Re: Alabama Fan Hall of Shame

    Could Mike Price be in this catagory since he was here only for a short time? What he did was the next to last thing we needed at the time. BTW the last thing we needed, in case you're wondering, is...
  5. Question: Re: How Much of an Effect Did the New Assistants Have This Year?

    I have often asked myself the same question this year. Good points and a good question. I have always had the dread and fear factor when we lose an assistant but it seems the next coach has been an...
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    Re: Are there refs in the middle of the field?

    They are good enough to see an offensive lineman bobble their head when lining up for a field goal.
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    Re: Mack aint stepping down...

    He's in Florida recruiting? I thought he only recruited Texas. He's in Florida killing himself recruiting. Really?
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    Re: The NCG Dilemma for this Alabama Fan

    My thoughts exactly!
  9. Re: Jeremy Pruitt Thanks Saban for Coaching Opportunity During Broyles Award Speech

    I would hope you don't burn bridges in the coaching profession. He may or may not be backtracking. I was surprised when Coach hired Lance Thompson back.
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    Poll: Re: Who Do You PREFER to Win: Barn or FSU?

    FSU's coaching staff has Coach Saban's footprints all over it. I will be pulling for FSU. You never say never but I will never pull for the barn to win anything. Plus most of my auburn co-workers are...
  11. Re: SI Article: Malzahn Should leave AU for Texas if offered

    I was thinking this too. Which is a better coach and recruiter? In other words, who would we as a Bama Nation and the Bama coaches want to compete against 365-24/7? We know what Petrino can do year...
  12. Re: Gus now fully delusional - thinks Marshall should be in Heisman contention

    Good grief. Cue Jay Jacobs.
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    Re: Annoyed with both FSU and OSU

    Ohio State will suspend them after the National Championship Game just like they did with Terrell Pryor after the Sugar Bowl.;)
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    Re: The Importance Of The Iron Bowl

    First off sorry about your sister. May you find comfort soon. Secondly it has been noted in the past that Coach Saban always seems more "rah rah" in big games and more uptight in-your-face mode in...
  15. Re: Satire: SEC Media Days - What they really meant to say...

    60% Cam? I'm thinking 90%.
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