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    Re: Ex-Players as Assistant Coaches

    Not that anyone cares but Will Friend's father was my fifth grade homeroom teacher. He taught science, but I had another instructor.
  2. Re: Another police shooting in Missouri

    That's so EIGHTIES, man!!!

  3. Re: OK State AD wants Oregon and N Carolina on schedule

    I see this AD either:
    a) is lining up Gundy for the firing squad OR
    b) is not exactly the most PR friendly AD
  4. Link: Re: The Mike Rowe take on the "police divide."

    I thought Latrine Queen was the dirty job. But there are some similarities there.
  5. Link: Re: The Mike Rowe take on the "police divide."

    Here's a sidetrack that I admittedly find funny. The more recent foibles actually began with the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin confrontation (and subsequent death). The amusing thing is stuff like...
  6. Re: Greatest Comeback in Football History

    That was like twenty years ago. And IIRC, the team that came back actually lost the game.
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    Re: RIP Joe Cocker

    I'll just have to get by with a little help from my friends

    RIP Joe

  8. Link: Re: Uh-Oh. NK has stepped in it. Anonymous is on the job...

    Guys I think it's satire. Notice the #gop?
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    Re: The Colbert Report Signs Off

    I thought gay marriage was to blame for everything.
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    Re: Last Years Sugar Bowl

    About as much as losing on the Kick Six affected the 2014 Iron Bowl.
  11. Re: Rainbow City Nativity Scene, anyone here live there?

    Yeah, and while I'm sure to get called a racist for this observation, the black Protestants pull down the Protestant Christian numbers if you actually look at the numbers (it averages out to 15.7 yet...
  12. Re: Michigan taking another run at Harbaugh - $48M!

    OK, as always it is up to me to provide context to the entire thing. It is a heavy burden I bear. Just remember: this whole Harbaugh thing is a ruse to get everyone looking the other way because...
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    Re: The Colbert Report Signs Off

    "My guest tonight says that the Bible contradicts itself. OH! So Jonah swallowed the WHALE?!"
  14. Re: Bowls: proof my conference can beat your conference

    I'll dismantle this later today. Tons of goofs.
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    Re: OSU Analysis Thread...

    NYBF was the Most Interesting Man BEFORE the Most Interesting Man became the Most Interesting Man.

    A legend in his own mind.

    You know what a uh "legend" is don'tcha?
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