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  1. Former Bama AC Charlie Stubbs quits as HC at Nicholls St

    Nicholls State football coach Charlie Stubbs resigns

    He says he has "major health issues". That's a shame. Hope things go well for him.
  2. Game Thread Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. USM 2nd Half****

    And he's gone for the first half next week.
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    Re: Maryland Takes Uniforms to Another Level

    They'd better not use that "Triumph" on the game jerseys unless that's a player's name. Unless you're a military acadamy, you can only use a player's name, school name or team name.
  4. Re: Three Florida players, suspended for 10 seconds, to return for Week 2

    The point has been made that this is one less win for Florida in a year where Muschamp may need all of them to stay around. 6-5 doesn't look as good as 7-5.
  5. ADMIN NOTE: Re: From Polls to Playoff, Part 2: The System Breaks

    Well done! If I can nitpick a bit, UCLA's home field in the '60s was the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, not the Rose Bowl. They moved there in the '80s. It is correct to say that the Rose Bowl was...
  6. Re: Former Bama Players on NFL Rosters (after cuts to 53)

    My error, he was the one who didn't get picked up. I had missed his signing with St. Louis in August.
  7. Former Bama Players on NFL Rosters (after cuts to 53)

    BALTIMORE: Terrence Cody NT (PUP), C.J. Mosley (R) LB, Courtney Upshaw LB
    BUFFALO: Marcell Dareus DT, Cyrus Kouandjio (R) T
    CINCINNATI: Wallace Gilberry DE, Dre Kirkpatrick CB, AJ McCarron (R) QB...
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    Re: AJ May Not Make the Bengals' Roster

    That's what the IR is for, or the Reserve-PUP if they think he could come back this season. The practice squad wouldn't be the answer because, if he's hurt, he can't and shouldn't be practicing....
  9. Re: An excerpt from Lars Anderson's New Book 'The Storm and the Tide'

    Yes, it is all through the book, including where Coach Stallings talked with him, from the perspective of a father who had lost his son. "It's OK to cry."
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    Re: Alabama's ALS ice bucket challenge

    He's also used to getting hit in the head with the cooler, so most of the water came from a row of coolers being dumpeds from the balcony above.
  11. Re: An excerpt from Lars Anderson's New Book 'The Storm and the Tide'

    Thanks to Amazon and Kindle, I got this yesterday and am partway through. Lots of good background information on Coach Saban going back to his childhood, some I've heard before, some I haven't. His...
  12. Book Recommendation: The Thinking Fan's Guide to the College Football Playoff

    If you're interested in getting an idea how the selection committee may pick the teams for the semifinals (Sugar and Rose) and the other top bowls (Orange, Peach, Cotton, Fiesta), I can recommend...
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    Re: Former Bama Players on NFL Rosters

    Antoine Caldwell was signed by Jacksonville.
  14. Re: Yahoo Sports: Notre Dame Under Investigation for Academic Fraud

    [h=1]Report: Notre Dame dismisses four players amid academic investigation

    FoxSports reported Friday that "four starters have been dismissed" from the team and school over the alleged fraud,...
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    Re: Former Bama Players on NFL Rosters

    Cody Mandell was released by Dallas this week.
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