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  1. Re: Vet and former Playboy model Michelle Manhart scuffles with cops while trying to.

    I'm of the mind of burn my flag and I'll bust your (bun) and walking on it is the same to me. Men and women of all colors have given their life so that the protester's have the right of free speech...
  2. Re: What is one of the greatest acts of kindness you have witnessed?

    April 2011 - People providing food, shelter, helping them dig out. Just doing whatever they could do to help.
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    Re: Two cops shot in Ferguson

    Anyone see the news clip of two so called protesters fighting each other? I don't think the cops were in a hurry to break that up and bet they were thinking get the guy to the left and the other one...
  4. Re: winter weather alert: The Sky is Falling!!!!!

    Here in Arab there is about 4-5 inches on the ground and still coming down pretty good. Expecting another couple before it's done.
  5. Re: I think our accountant did my tax return wrong

    You can now change the thread title from "I think" to "I know". :biggrin:
  6. Re: Auburn Football Players Accused of Harassing Veteran and Service Dog

    There are many dogs that are not actually considered "service" dogs but "therapy" dogs and will therefore not have the vest clearly identifying them as such. Therapy animals are used in a variety of...
  7. Link: Re: Is Marshawn Lynch sending kids the wrong message? Larry Foote thinks so.


    Your points are very valid but I don't think it's just the 5 minutes of Lynch but the constant barrage of that kind of behavior over years from athlete's in all sports, at least it is for...
  8. Re: Byron Cowart note

    Coach a Bama fan by chance? :biggrin:
  9. Re: ***ALABAMA LOI's Received Thread*** (communicate here on NSD)


    Did you also take out the one's who are leaving early and going pro?

    Just for passing the time here is a link to the top 100 and where they are going. A lot of Alabama in there.
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    Re: Which Dog Do I Adopt?

    Well, you could just get all three of them so they have another dog to play with! I agree with everyone else, you already know the answer, you have already made that connection with her and her to...
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    Game Thread Re: Peach Bowl game thread

    Bo is getting the MVP for this game, for TCU that is. :biggrin2:
  12. Re: UA becomes a smoke free campus on Jan 1, 2015

    As a smoker I wasn't going to post in this thread but after reading some of this I thought I would throw my perspective into it. I try not to invade the superior non-smokers space and if I smoke it's...
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    Re: Merry Christmas to all here

    Merry Christmas everyone and especially to those away from their loved ones protecting our freedom.

    GT - great news, glad to hear it.
  14. Link: Re: The Most Violent Crime-Ridden States In America

    When has it become illegal to possess alcohol in Alaska? Hell, I would have been in prison for years with all the Jack Daniels and beer I drank when I was stationed there. A few things about Alaska,...
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    Re: Sydney Hostage taking.

    Guess my Christmas list needs to be updated to add more ammo, I may need it.
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