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    Re: Alabama vs. USC Discussion

    What's everyone going to be doing with parking at AT&T Stadium? The Rangers will be playing an afternoon game that same day as the kickoff and the baseball stadium is pretty close to the football...
  2. Re: Bentley is calling a special session to introduce a LOTTERY bill. Did not see th

    As an educator, I do believe that the way the state house treats the education budget is shameful. They took millions out of it a few years ago to balance the budget, but never restored that money....
  3. Link: Re: I guess I'm getting old, who gets a thrill this way ? 640 meters = 2100 feet high

    Kept waiting for one of them to accidently bump the other off the top of the crane. Oops.
  4. Re: For the economists on the board. (Ben Stein opinion on changing trade agreements)

    It will be interesting to me what will happen with the manufacturing workforce shortages. There are more and more people leaving those kinds of jobs, but not as many being hired for those positions....
  5. Re: USC-AL in Dallas (Introducing to the board)

    My USC parents taught me one - University of Caucasians Less than Asians...
  6. Re: USC-AL in Dallas

    I will say, having spent my life splitting between USC and Alabama games, the USC marching band will have a better halftime show performance than Alabama. Disappoints me to say that but I believe it...
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    Re: 2016 Season QB Thread (Moved QB Posts from Practice Thread)

    That's my thing. We all remember what Blake Sims looked like during the spring game before the 2014 season - he looked nothing like the QB that led Alabama to an SEC title and a playoff berth. With...
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    Re: 2016 Season QB Thread (Moved QB Posts from Practice Thread)

    That team also was still highly, highly talented everywhere else on offense. Not taking anything away from Barkley, who was a good college QB, but like Alabama this year, he still had plenty of...
  9. Re: Anthropoid (film about the killing of Heydrich)

    I took the German history classes at ten Hoor and I was very surprised that the number of accounts of ordinary German citizens just following what the government told them, and how many of them...
  10. JessN: Re: Previews 2016: Arkansas, Auburn and LSU

    Not sure I noticed things having been taken out from the old previews, but I really liked this format!
  11. Re: Anthropoid (film about the killing of Heydrich)

    A mini-series on Netflix called Generation War does a great job of showing the German populace mood during the middle and end of the war. If you have access to Netflix, I'd highly suggest y'all watch...
  12. Re: Anthropoid (film about the killing of Heydrich)

    Hope it comes out in theaters here in Huntsville. If not, I'll look for it on Redbox or Netflix. Looks amazing.
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    Re: USC / Bama game question

    PepsiTrojan, nice to see you coming onto this board. I come from a USC family in California, but graduated from Alabama so it's Roll Tide from me. I do believe it'll be a close game regardless who...
  14. Re: Defensive performance against Clemson and Kirby

    Sounds like my in-laws...
  15. Re: Defensive performance against Clemson and Kirby

    For me, frankly, watching the 2016 NCG reminded me of the 2005 BCSNCG between USC and Texas. Both teams had their identity, and used it to have a chance to win the game at the end. While I know there...
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