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    Re: ****Bama vs. USM - Postgame Thread****

    My observations for what it is worth.

    1) We really miss Sunseri calling the back end of the defense. We are still struggling to line up correctly against the HUNH. If I can see it, I am certain...
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    Link: Re: Wedding proposal in Coach Saban's office

    Very cool.
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    Re: Prayer Request

    Prayers sent for all. God Bless.
  4. Re: We've Got Ourselves a Kicker Guys (Scrimmage Discussion)

    All this back and forth about who will be the QB next week is funny. I want them to play whoever gives us the best chance to win. IMHO right now it is Blake. I am not a coach and it is simply my...
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    Re: AJ May Not Make the Bengals' Roster

    AJ's decisions after his final game were not very good to say the least. He missed the Senior Bowl in his hometown, he apparently interviewed poorly as well. Whoever his agent is who I assume was...
  6. Re: We've Got Ourselves a Kicker Guys (Scrimmage Discussion)

    There is talent there, but I am not sure it has been developed the last couple of years.
  7. Re: We've Got Ourselves a Kicker Guys (Scrimmage Discussion)

    Frankly all the Qb's played some today. I am not convinced that either QB has won the battle based on what happened today. It would not necessarily surprise me to see a dark horse emerge, but it is...
  8. Re: We've Got Ourselves a Kicker Guys

    There were also a lot of problems with the center QB exchange, dumb penalties, and dropped passes. The punter looked great and so did the kicking and special teams in general. I think the defensive...
  9. Re: Advice on Bama fan's first trip to Tuscaloosa

    It is possible, but unlikely. MSU will have 8000 seats for the game and they will be fairly spread out. If you are behind the bench, generally you should be in good shape. The visitor's seats are...
  10. Re: Basketball - Former Standout JaMychal Green Signs With San Antonio Spurs

    I glad for him. Hope he sticks this time. I wonder why Mitchell hasn't found a home. I thought he was tearing up the D-league. I know he won the slam dunk contest 2 years running.
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    Re: Judge rules against NCAA

    I respectfully disagree. If you look at the sales of say Julio's jersey. How may would have been sold had he played for UT Chattanooga. TO played for them if I remember correctly. How may TO...
  12. Re: Advice on Bama fan's first trip to Tuscaloosa

    You may be able to get a better seat for the Western Carolina, but not the the MSU game. There are poeple who gets tix at the last minute, but if I am coming that far, I'd like to know where I am...
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    Re: Judge rules against NCAA

    So the jerseys do not belong to the school. Using that logic, every kid who ever wore the number 22 at Alabama is owed money for his likeness. From Johnny Musso to Mark Ingram.
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    Re: Bill Snyder says universities have sold out

    To all of you claim the university needs the 10 to 15 million a year that athletics gives back. That figure is not 1% of the annual university budget. The budget for this year is 775,000,000.00. ...
  15. Re: NCAA Board Approves Autonomy - Power 5 Conferences Get More Power

    This is a haves and have not issue to me. Schools like UAB will probably have to give up football altogether. Some schools who are on the borderline like Boise, Tulsa, and Tulane will have to...
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