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    Re: Does McElwain follow Nussmeier to Michigan?

    I don't see McElwain going to Michigan. They appear to still be in the mode of requiring a connection to the school (the so-called "Michigan Man", whatever that means). Jack Arute said Sunday on the...
  2. Thread: Adam or Gunnar?

    by PaulD

    Re: Adam or Gunnar?

    According to the stats on Roll, he kicked the last two.
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    Re: Ole Miss..Rammer Jammer

    As I told a friend on Facebook last night, they may have done it first, but we do it better (and more often)!
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    Re: Winston pushing referee before the snap

    As long as FSU is the ACC's only shot at the CFP, don't expect the conference to do anything to get in their way if the ACC can hold their nose about an issue. On the other hand, if they lose to...
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    Re: Will Lane have to wear a helmet onto the field?

    No we haven't played against him (before or after). Maybe we can schedule Texas State to come play us. I think the only former HC to coach against us was Curry and he went 0-2 (Kentucky and Georgia...
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Little Piggies - 2nd Half****

    Some of us guys with cardiac issues don't need any more of the punt return fumbles!
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    Arkansas to wear throwback uniforms tomorrow


    This is in honor of their 1964 national championship. Actually I like these better than the current ones.
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    Re: Georgia Suspends Todd Gurley for NCAA Violations

    Another big difference is that Texas A&M got to deal with it in the off-season, unlike UGA which has games coming up week after week. (Curiously, they don't have another game in Athens until AU.) In...
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Ole Miss Postgame Thread****

    Yes, this was a disappointing loss, they happen... for me going back to the 73 Sugar Bowl to Notre Dame. The game is over and we need to see what lessons we can draw from it, but not let it cause us...
  10. Re: I don't think there's any chance Hoke can survive 'The Shane Morris Incident'...

    If the football program isn't set up to watch for that, that's on the HC and the AD. I watched that game and saw that hit. (FWIW, I think it could have been used as a textbook example of targeting,...
  11. Re: I don't think there's any chance Hoke can survive 'The Shane Morris Incident'...

    Brady Hoke appears unsupported by Michigan AD Dave Brandon in wake of Shane Morris situation

    Apparently the AD is hanging Brady out to dry. I expect him to be gone after the OSU game, if not...
  12. Former Bama AC Charlie Stubbs quits as HC at Nicholls St

    Nicholls State football coach Charlie Stubbs resigns

    He says he has "major health issues". That's a shame. Hope things go well for him.
  13. Game Thread Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. USM 2nd Half****

    And he's gone for the first half next week.
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    Re: Maryland Takes Uniforms to Another Level

    They'd better not use that "Triumph" on the game jerseys unless that's a player's name. Unless you're a military acadamy, you can only use a player's name, school name or team name.
  15. Re: Three Florida players, suspended for 10 seconds, to return for Week 2

    The point has been made that this is one less win for Florida in a year where Muschamp may need all of them to stay around. 6-5 doesn't look as good as 7-5.
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