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    Re: Amazing waste in Afghanistan

    Will these end up being driven by members of the Taliban?
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    Re: Why is the president fundraising ?

    He's Community Organizing the 1% to fill the Democratic coffers.
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    Re: Off Season Problems with Players

    As soon as you find the answer, let Coach Saban know how to totally eliminate this clutter.
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    Re: HMmmm, I wonder What TJ is Focusing On...

    Getting credit for 2 TD's every time he carries 2 footballs. OR Holding on to a football in either arm, NO fumbles this season!
  5. Re: Ever Been To The Gym Where Hooiser's Was Shot?

    I had heard that years ago, but just forgot. Thanks for refreshing my memory.
  6. Re: Gov. Perry sending 1000 NG troops to border

    He is an outstanding leader. I don't think he needs a teleprompter to speak effectively. And most important, he has organizational skills and if you can't help him win, you'll end up at Michigan or...
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    Re: J. Winston at ACC Media Days

    Do football players at FSU major in Anthropology or in Snookers' Billiards or Chubby's to remain eligible?
  8. Re: Ever Been To The Gym Where Hooiser's Was Shot?

    That has to be one of my favorite movies. After your post, I just may have to watch it again. I think I still have it (on DVD).

    I met a guy years ago who played on that team. If I recall...
  9. Re: Gunfire on the border - Should we invade?

    Don't stop at 10 miles. Rid that country of the Cartels!
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    Re: Who has been our most talented Tider ?

    We lost out on the person who could have been the BEST All-Time Tider: Bo Jackson. I'll blame that on Pat Dye for taking advantage of someone's age! Bo used to KNOW everything, including football. ...
  11. News Article: Re: Saban UA's longest-tenured coach since Bryant

    I enjoyed reading the article. Here's hoping he stays until he's ready to head to the lake. Hopefully, he'll know when it's time to leave. It's time to leave when you can no longer get people like...
  12. Re: How Do We Protect This Country From The Average Voter?

    I guess we'll need to vote for the lesser of the two evils. Otherwise, we will continue to deal with the greater of the two evils. A vote for a third party is a wasted vote.
  13. Re: How Do We Protect This Country From The Average Voter?

    I agree, but if I live that much longer I'll be totally out of it with dementia. I probably won't know who I am or even who the Emperor is or even who bamaga was. I won't even know what changes...
  14. Re: How Do We Protect This Country From The Average Voter?

    Would you rather have morons voting for that guy above or idiots voting for who we currently have or possibly will have next?
  15. Re: NJ Teacher Faces Prison Time For Child Endangerment

    This truly is a very SICK society. I guess that I should stop reading some of the posts in this forum and stay in the football forum. However, this is educating me to be much more vigilant and much...
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