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  1. Link: Re: Former LSU O-lineman T-Bob Hebert sets record straight about 2012 BCS Championshi

    You know what I couldn't stand that year? All the whining about low scoring games between LSU and Alabama. That those games were boring. Idiots!
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    Link: New helmets and padding

    After much research on head injury and safety here is what football is going to look like in the future:

    You don't even have to have turf!:biggrin:
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    Re: Good morning, tidefans

    He is risen indeed!

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    Re: Prayer Request

    You got it.

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  5. Re: Greg McElroy announces his NFL retirement via Twitter

    Can we get him to replace Musberger on the SEC Network? :wink:
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    Re: Prayer Request

    Your son and family will be in mine and my wife's prayers. I have a coworker whose son had an accident and is going through the same thing. So, this strikes close to home with me.
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    Question: Re: What's Your Favorite Bama Logo

    I started watching the tide in the mid-70's. The elephant coming thru the block A is my favorite. However, the script A we use today is pretty cool, too.
  8. Re: Saban elaborates on his position on speed of play...

    For all the hype that the HUNH has created, you would think no one can beat them. Yet, not one of them has won a BCS title - not one. And before anybody reminds me of Auburn. They were NO huddle,...
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    Okay, Coach Ogeron's shirt ripping routine has gotten out of hand at Ole Miss. Not a good tradition.
  10. Re: And so it begins: Auburn fans blaming lost on referees.

    Those refs were equally bad. However, to list a few personal fouls against Auburn not called: facemasking on Winston, late hit out of bounds in 1st qtr, and horse collar on long play near end of...
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    Re: Charlie Strong already facing backlash

    "He (McCombs) publicly lobbied last week for Texas to hire former NFL coach and ESPN analyst Jon Gruden." Not very bright is he? Jon is never going to a college program, ever. He couldn't stand...
  12. Re: Going to championship game - FCS that is

    Didn't get there early enough for the tailgating. You're right-about 95% gold and green. Good game. First half I thought the teams equal other than the points off turnovers. The start of the...
  13. Re: Going to champship game - FCS that is

    Title should say "championship"

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  14. Going to championship game - FCS that is

    NDSU vs Towson. Going to be pulling for NDSU. Need to find some green to wear. It's in Frisco, a suburb in North Dallas. Should be fun. ROLL BISON ROLL!

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    Game Thread Re: ***Texas vs Oregon***

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