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  1. JessN: Re: Kiffin hired as Alabama offensive coordinator

    I'm digging this, in a strange sort of way. Like the out of the box thinking by Saban. Should give our competition fits and that much more to try and prepare for. I think this could be a win-win for...
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    Re: Iron Bowl ...Taiwanese style.

    Hilarious! Made me laugh out loud.
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    Re: Favorite 3 Movies Of All Time

    Cool Hand Luke

    Last of the Mohichans


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    Re: Eddie Lacy at Packers Camp

    Yep. If E.L. is in fact that much heavier, the Packers' trainers will get that off of him over the next 2 -3 weeks.
  5. Re: Glen Coffee completed Airborne School?

    I went through basic training and AIT (Advanced Infantry Training) at Ft. Benning back in 1979 but had no desire to jump off the training tower, much less a perfectly good airplane. ;)
  6. Link: Re: Article on draft picks from Bama..for what it's worth

    Trent also made the Top 100 players for 2012 (NFL Network).
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    Re: Phil Steele's Top 40 for 2013

    Sorry that everything got spelled out twice. Don't know what happened and I tried editing but it wouldn't let me.
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    Re: Phil Steele's Top 40 for 2013

    Texas is NOT a top 10 team and maybe not even top 20, much less # 4. No way that USC is a top 10 team either and I'm equally surprised that he has VT at #12.Texas is NOT a top 10 team and maybe not...
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    Re: Mal Moore passes

    I've been away and isolated from things for the past few days and just heard of this very sad news. I literally put my hand up to my mouth and gasped. I am so sorry to hear this and just want to say...
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    Re: Welcom Coach Battle

    I've been away, busy with other things and haven't posted in eons. Sorry to hear of CMM's failing health and he'll certainly be missed. Wishing new AD Bill Battle all the best, good luck and RTR!
  11. Poll: Re: Who do you want to play in Pasadena in 2014?

    Ohio State. Period.
  12. Re: Where do Bama's boys go in draft?....prediction thread

    I can see the 49rs going for Lacy, that is, if he's still on the board that late. Gore is getting a bit long in the tooth. They still have James, Kendall Hunter and Dixon and could use another big...
  13. Re: Alabama in a class by itself - Article: "Recruiting by the Numbers"

    Nice read. Thanks for posting.
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    Re: Favorite Bama win on the season

    #1: BCS win against ND. #2: SECCG win over UGA. #3: Come from behind win against LSU. #4: Steam rolling over the Barn.
  15. Re: Good article on the way Saban uses RBs

    Yeldon, Fowler and Henry in 2013. Henry is going to the proverbial "beast". Fowler already is.
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