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  1. Question: Re: Leave the car? Bus, cab, other options for game day?

    The Strip is busy before and after. Exact timing is a function of both the weather and kickoff time. But it's safe to say 3 hours before and 2 hours after.
  2. Question: Re: Leave the car? Bus, cab, other options for game day?

    Inisfree is good, but has advantages and disadvantages.

    From the downtown deck headed toward campus, it's the first decent watering hole. Food is OK, not great. Expect deterioration in food...
  3. Re: Alabama section@Sanford Stadium vs Georgia

    I got through TP, and am in 603.
  4. Re: Finebaum Interviews Saban for ESPN's Outside the Lines

    Good one. Man, I miss that Like button.
  5. Poll: Re: Who will be the "Breakout Senior" for 2015?

    Second that.
  6. Re: Another article about Coach Saban leaving...I hate these

    Low post count.

    Links a piece that even the author admits is journalistically deficient.

    Article is clearly designed to stir up angst among the easily distracted.

    Conveniently timed four...
  7. Re: Tailgating options around Cowboys Stadium

    I was there in 2012. Shade from an EZ-Up in that lot would have helped about like a parasol on a volcano. Brutally hot, with heat radiating off what seemed like hundreds of acres of open concrete...
  8. Question: Re: Leave the car? Bus, cab, other options for game day?

    No pre-booking -- first come, first served. It's a pretty big deck, though, and if you're there 3-4 hours before game time (which you'll want to be anyway), getting a spot shouldn't be a problem.
  9. Question: Re: Leave the car? Bus, cab, other options for game day?

    No uber. Big spittin contest between uber, cab drivers, and the city council. To date, no resolution.

    My best advice is to park in the deck downtown. It's pretty cheap, and they have shuttles. ...
  10. Re: Week One Game Week Thread (Interviews, Press Conferences, Practice Reports)

    Bateman may indeed get meaningful reps. He might even start. But he's no Blake Sims as a runner. Might be as fast in a straight line, but nowhere near as shifty or strong.
  11. JessN: Re: Wisconsin preview: Badgers hope one dimension is enough against Bama

    I think the main question for us is ball security, especially from the QB position.

    I really don't think Wisky can win unless we help them. Most likely spot for that to come from is our QB, who...
  12. Re: Could the SEC get left out in the cold this year?

    With an undefeated champion, no way.

    With a 1-loss champion, not likely.

    With a 2-loss champion, probably.
  13. Re: Seahawks Coach comments on HUNH College Teams

    Ain't nothing changing about the college game unless and until it becomes illegal for an OL to block downfield on a pass. Simple as that.
  14. Replies

    Re: Kenyan Drake's speed

    Good one. Where's the LIKE button when you need it?
  15. Re: QB Transfers Change How a Coach Manages and Recruits

    Interesting he listed Coker as having won the Alabama job, when the article was published early Friday AM, presumably written Thursday or earlier.
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