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  1. Re: Congressmen join forces to fight global warming

    As usual, this does not work either for Congress, we are going down to 10 tonight...not to warm.
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    Re: What did you give up for Lent?

    Nothing, I don't recognize lent.
  3. Re: Why does any network pay Skip Brainless to talk on tv?

    I am not a fan so I do not watch him.
  4. Re: Remaining Schedule and Chances of Post Season Play

    CAJ has done an outstanding job this year with the lack of depth and the injury situation. IMO, I do not see any ticket to the big show unless we win the SEC Tourney but the NIT is possible with a...
  5. Question: Re: New Sign Being Posted at Some Schools: Gun Zone Here

    IMO, this is a good thing.
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    Re: Weather Reports From Your Area?

    We ended up with 9-10 inches of snow Friday evening and night. Saturday, road crews were out plowing roads and spreading salt. Most primary roads were in good shape on Saturday but everything was...
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    Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. LSU...

    There is no reason to play 16-18 minutes and foul out. Agree, our bigs have to stay on the floor and not watching from the bench in foul trouble. Hopefully, our 3 ball is falling today. RTR"
  8. Re: Scientists Seek to Discover a true "Average Penis Size"

    This just blows me away!
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    Weather Reports From Your Area?

    Snow started falling here in southern Ohio about 10:45 am this morning. The weather reports out of Huntington, W.V. Are calling for 8-14 inches in our area. If you go east of Huntington toward...
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    Re: Official Joke Thread

    Did you hear on the news that Monica Lewinsky said she would not vote for Hillary? When questioned for more detail she said, "the last time I voted for a Clinton it left a bad taste in my mouth."
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    Re: Democrat, Republican, or Southerner?

    Laughed pretty hard on that one.
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    Re: Congratulations to the Tide Nation!

    Its all the snow birds going south for the winter. Thanks for the kind words B1G Tide.
  13. Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. Clemson (Da Big One) - 2nd Half...

    Gotta step up and make big plays to bring this baby home.
  14. Re: Basketball - Alabama Menís Basketball Opens SEC Play at Ole Miss Thursday Night

    Hopefully, we will see an inspired Tide playing tonight.
  15. Re: Transgender forced to remove prosthetic penis for inspection at airport

    So many places to go with comments here but probably best left unsaid.
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