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    News Article: Re: Oh Alabama schools, really?

    In my experience, outside of the government, the greatest collection of dumb-think exists in the administration buildings for public schools.
  2. Re: Thanks to Uncle Joe, I had To Look Up "Shylock"

    Yep. Joe's got the retarded old man schtick down pat. My favorite is when he asked a man in a wheelchair to stand up.
  3. Re: New Time Magazine Cover - Is Football Worth It?

    Football is a contact sport? I'll write that down so I don't forget.
  4. Re: Thanks to Uncle Joe, I had To Look Up "Shylock"

    Good old crazy Uncle Joe. Is there a stereotype he hasn't used? He's lucky he's a Democrat.
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    I agree that it is unlikely Saddam would have done that. But, it is possible someone else made that decision among the chaos - Iraqi Shi'ites or just someone willing to take a bribe. Or it could...
  6. Re: Abilene, TX man pays for 88 meals @ Chick-Fil-A

    So, none of the 88 beneficiaries continued to pay it forward?
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    I recall hearing about Israeli intelligence reports that had Iraqi chemical weapons being shipped to Syria. But, who knows what is true, what is disinformation, or what is completely made up by...
  8. Re: Georgia's Malcolm Mitchell's greatest accomplishment- great video

    Good story, but surely he can find someone to provide him more gender-appropriate literary guidance.
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    One thing everyone should be able to agree on: whether it's the right wing version or the left wing version, the destruction of our economy and people goes hand-in-hand with big government.
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    Left wing narrative: Bush was an idiot, but he was smart enough to trick Congress, every other intelligence service in the world, and history (of Saddam using chemical weapons).
  11. Re: Love Is In The Air: Corn Dogs Turn Into Horn Dogs

    I see London; I see France ....
  12. Re: Making fun of the way someone speaks is racist...if they are black

    I know a guy who claims he went to college in "Road" Island .... says so on his business website.
  13. Re: Black mob randomly attacks white boy in Ohio - 4 arrested

    If Obama had four sons ......
  14. Re: Mother claims Utah cops wouldn't have killed her son if he were white

    Was his name Duncan Macleod?
  15. Alabamian Sgt. Maj. Bennie Adkins to receive Medal of Honor

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