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  1. Re: Volunteer armed guards at recruiting centers

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    Re: Trump Threatens 3rd Party Run

    Wow. Lot of psychics on this thread. :-)

    Well, I'll play. Only a major scandal at this point will keep Trump from being the republican nominee and then POTUS.
  3. Re: Obama wants to ban some SS recipients from owning guns

    I am again reminded how most any gardening tool is more capable of decision making than Obama.
  4. Re: How would you describe President Obama in one word?

  5. Re: In your opinion....would Hillary make a good POTUS?

    Well she already has three of the 5 required letters. POS. Just needs the t and u.
  6. Re: Brandon Ivory a suspect in Tuscaloosa armed robbery

    Hire loud lawyer, hold news conference on MSNBC and proclaim "white privilege" defense.

    Charges are dismissed, NFL reinstates after serving 3 game suspension, then go on to have a fabulous...
  7. Re: Alabama Self-Reports 13 Minor NCAA Violations

    Go Army!
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    Re: Did Bama and the barn both pass on Pass?

    Very funny!
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    Re: Mark May Out On ESPN College Gameday Final

    Bad decision by someone. We'll see how the ratings reflect the change.

    I personally cannot think of two worse choices.
  10. Re: With a little time to reflect, what are your feelings about A.J. McCarron?

    I thought he was a terrific college QB.

    As far as his mouthing off a bit, I wouldn't make too much of it. I have 2 sons aged 26 and 24 and like AJ, they too let their mouth skip ahead of their...
  11. Link: Re: More Reasons Alabama Overachieved Last Season Despite Losing That Playoff Game

    All excellent points SelmaBornTideFan!

    And RTR91, why are you not a Mod by now? :-)
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    Re: Auburn Lands Michigan DB Transfer

    I believe they had 5 DB's leave the team this spring. All had eligibility remaining. So plenty of opportunity for immediate playing time.

    Speaking of au, anyone surprised no one (another...
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    Re: Amari Goes 4th!

    Didn't the Raiders sign WR Crabtree recently? Could spell trouble for opposing D's for sure!
  14. Re: NBC News lying on air repeatedly and knowing it

    Fox News lies on air all the time but I think they are too ideologically constrained to realize it.

    Examples please.
  15. Re: 4 star OT Jean Delance Decommits from OU, Indicates Interest in Alabama

    Yeah, the previous chapter was a joke but they are now back with a vengeance.

    From SigEp Journal fall of 2014: Region 5, Alabama number 1 with a overall GPA of 3.47, Above ACA (other campus...
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