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    Re: UAB reinstates football for 2016

    Since when is it free? Costs a lot of money, to field a FB team. Maybe he means the tickets will still be free, gratis the flat-broke B'ham city gubbament.
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    Re: Upcoming Biography on Coach Saban

    Sounds like something Bevo & Co. would do. Once again, their arrogance on display, and it may have cost them. Thankfully!
  3. Link: Re: 101 bits of trivia from the Civil War I didn't know...

    I think you are pulling our leg! Bet you knew most of them, right?
  4. Re: Memphis Mayor Wants to Dig Up Dead Confederate War General

    Why did it take them 150 years to figure out who Nathan Bedford Forrest was?
  5. Re: "cheating website" Ashley Madison hacked, 36 Million users to be outed

    Back in the days when I watched Fox news (which is years ago), they were advertising on it, during the prime time shows.

    Of course, it could have been a local ad. Cable companies routinely cut out...
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    Link: Re: Cowherd gone from ESPN

    Don't get too excited...............seems he has been talking to Fox:
  7. News Article: Re: History Repeating Itself for Maurice Smith?

    I still have a pain in my gut over the end of the Ol' Sis game.
  8. Link: Re: FSU RB Dalvin Cook Under Investigation for Battery

    He didn't do it!

    If his lawyer says it, it must...
  9. Re: Alabama Self-Reports 13 Minor NCAA Violations

    Some of them are so petty, they should not be called secondary. Can there be tertiary violations?
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    Fomrer FSU mascot stabbed to death

    This might belong in NS, but since FSU is not a newcomer to all manner of criminal acts, I'm putting it here. And it is the off-season.

  11. Re: Texas A&M selling ‘Bama’s got nothing on us’ t-shirts

    Uhm..............aggies. Pretty much says it all. Bless their hearts.

    Or, look at it this way: they don't play Bevo anymore, so they need something to get upset over.
  12. Re: Former UGA QB Jacob Park Tells Joe Schad He's Visiting Alabama This Weekend

    I've been trying to stay out of this, but....................

    I think what you really meant to say is Texas HS produce really good QBs. Let's not forget our GMac is from the Dallas area, as is...
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    Re: I love "my" College Football

    Make that 3 in a row. Only interested in our games. Might watch some conference games, mainly because they impact conference standings.

    Never watched any of the other stuff on ESPN. There are...
  14. Link: Re: Alabama has exclusive rights to Cowboys Classic in 2019 or 2020

    I think it was a song on the first Moby Grape album.
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    Re: LSU starting qb arrested

    If you thought it was good last night.................

    It is now over 40 pages, and most of today's posts are an off-the-rail tangent. Pretty funny stuff.
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