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    Re: Espn piece on Tim Tebow

    You're assuming having a successful NFL career at any position is important to him.

    It could indeed be a pride thing but it could also be that he likes playing quarterback and has simply decided...
  2. Re: ESPN Starting coverage late to cover the car race aftermath was silly

    I was somewhat suprised they stayed with the post race on the main channel for as long as they did but here's something y'all might want to consider.

    The NASCAR tv contracts just signed in 2013...
  3. Link: Re: Alabama and Florida St. are mirror images...according to the Times

    I've got to take exception to the Bryant comparison.

    Alabama was 10-2 in 1980. In 1981, they won a SEC title and were an inexplicable loss to Georgia Tech (the only regular season loss) away...
  4. Re: Auburn glad you're back (hopefully), the Iron Bowl wasn't the same without ya

    While I despise everything about Johnny off the field, it is fair to say that what's caught up with him are a complete lack of defense and suspect to downright poor at times offensive line play.
  5. Re: Here's what we have gathered so far regarding the Clinton-Dix case...

    I'm betting he is done as a college coach.
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    Link: Re: Spurrier, Tanner explain pulling TV Show

    Who seems to have shown up to work half (or more) lit. He's going to get grief at the very least.

    The common working man gets fired.
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    Re: Eddie Jackson Appreciation Thread

    Not scientifically possible. Thinking requires a brain and Brando doesn't have one.
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    Re: ****Bama vs. CSU Game Thread 2nd Half****

    CSU is in this game right now.

    2010 is calling.
  9. Re: Chip Brown Confirms on Finebaum Texas Gauged Saban's Interest in 2010

    Yes, he has.

    I never thought it was a possibility until Battle was hired to replace Mal Moore. No matter how good a job he does, there's no denying Battle's age means his tenure will be...
  10. Re: Montgomery Gets ESPN-Owned Bowl Game Between the MAC and Sun Belt

    The Montgomery one won't find 15,000 that will pay to watch a football game. I really doubt they could find 5,000 that will actually buy a ticket.

    Between corporate purchases and complimentary...
  11. Re: Montgomery Gets ESPN-Owned Bowl Game Between the MAC and Sun Belt

    Unless they give Troy the automatic Sun Belt invite, it will be the empty stadium classic.
  12. Link: Re: Medical Issues Caused Eddie Lacy to Drop in NFL Draft

    No. HIPAA's scope is actually very limited. In general terms, it is limited to healthcare providers and associated companies (insurance, etc) who charge for services and transmit information...
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    Re: Barner tattoo. There are no words but try.

    AJ's chest tat has pretty much eliminated any room for criticism.....
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    Re: Check out this Kicker (I don't believe it)

    Bump from the past.

    The Lions just signed him.
  15. Re: Kelly and Notre Dame media are still making excuses for the blowout! We've seen

    I can completely understand the comment. Kelly coached in three and won two D-II championship games but neither he nor any member of his staff had never been part of a BCS title game. It would be...
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