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  1. Re: Tuesday's ranking could very well tell the tale

    I don't remember the line for the FSU/BC game, but FSU was only a 2.5 point favorite against unranked Miami. We were 9.5 point favorites against the #1 team in the country. People aren't exactly...
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    Re: Winston pushing referee before the snap

    And with every passing moment, Jimbo Fisher further channels his inner George Costanza...
    "Was that wrong? Should he not have done that? 'Cause I gotta plead ignorance on this. I mean, if you had...
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    Re: Winston pushing referee before the snap

    Wow, pretty crazy. I'll be honest. I don't think it's not fair to put Cam Newton in the same group as Winston. He's truly in a category by himself. Winston is completely out of control.

    They are...
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    Game Thread Re: Florida State vs Boston College (ABC)

    Well, there is a delay. Jameis is probably using four letter words, making obscene gestures, and possibly committing crimes.
  5. Re: China has the power to shut down the US grid via cyber attacks - NSA Director

    There are places in Appalachia that might not even notice.
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    Re: Favorite movie scenes

    I'll add one that doesn't get a lot of love. The pool scene from Let the Right One In. I won't link it because it is a bit violent, but it is also a spoiler. But it might be my favorite ending to any...
  7. Re: Upset Chances Remaining for the Top 7? Whatcha Think?

    Interesting thing to keep in mind... If I'm picking each individual game, I'm probably picking all seven teams to win all of their remaining games. But I can say beyond any reasonable doubt that two...
  8. Re: Jay Carney admits DNC manipulates minorities

    Stop the presses.
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    Re: Muschamp ... "resigns"

    Holliday isn't bad, but it certainly doesn't scare me. He took over a Marshall team that had gone 19-30 in its prior 4 seasons, and he went 27-24 in the next 4 seasons. He's had a good year this...
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    Re: Favorite movie scenes

    There are two perfect scenes in films that I can recall and I can't link either one...
    1. The Baptism Scene in The Godfather
    2. The ending scene in Unforgiven

    Both scenes (a) provide a perfect...
  11. Re: ACC Commissioner John Swofford Already Calling for 8 Team Playoff

    They should let the nation decide via online poll.
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    Poll: Re: Bill Cosby and rape allegations

    To borrow something else from the UT rape thread, couldn't Cosby have had his pick of the litter (probably not a good usage of that phrase)? It's one thing when hormonal college guys are at parties....
  13. Re: ESPN is going hard for the Buckeyes to be included in the playoff

    Well, it's just one editorial. I wouldn't say "ESPN" is going hard for them to be included.

    Having said that, I have no problem with Ohio State. They're playing better football right now than TCU...
  14. Re: ACC Commissioner John Swofford Already Calling for 8 Team Playoff
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    Re: Week 4 Playoff Ranking Predictions

    The SEC schedules cupcakes while Oregon is out scheduling Michigan State (and, uh, some other big-time teams I'm sure).

    ETA: Michigan State. I didn't say Michigan State enough in my original post....
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