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    Re: Intro to board - teaser title

    Welcome and Roll Tide! You chose the best Bama site there is!
  2. Re: 2014 NCAA Playoff-Can they keep Alabama out now?

    There's a lot of SEC fatigue and Bama fatigue. That could work against us. Just win baby!
  3. Re: Tennessee Hate Week : All Things Tennessee Hate Related Here

    Yea the Peyton on the ladder thing really got under my skin. They almost ruined "Sweet Home Alabama" for me when they changed the chorus to "we own Alabama".

    I really really really don't like...
  4. Re: Appreciation thread for... (Fill in the blank)

    Shout out to Scott. Our punting is insane!
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    Re: Les Miles having some fun with reporter

    Really stupid question. Nice job Les!
  6. Re: Archie Manning stepping down from Playoff committee

    I agree he probably is so stoked that OM is in the position to win it all, that he recognizes he couldn't be partial. I'm not saying he doesn't have health problems, but I think he's using it as a...
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    Re: Pick the score: Tennessee vs. Alabama

    Bama 38-0 This "D" is smelling blood now!
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    Re: Thanks for Tidefans Board

    Tideman09 I always enjoy your posts and your positive attitude. I'm sure most of us have no idea what you have to go through for your health. You remind us all that we love our Crimson Tide Football...
  9. Re: Phil Steele Predicts a Big Bama Win Against TAMU

    That too!
  10. Link: Re: Nick Saban Ready to 'Let the Horse Run' After Conversation with Alabama Golf Coac

    The horses ran and kicked some butt!
  11. Re: Special Edition "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"

    The Good-Seeing Kenyon Drake on the sideline with Little Debbies.
    The Bad-A&M
    The Ugly-Any unis with the color orange.
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    Re: Bama better with Lane Kiffin or worse?

    The OP was answered today!
  13. Re: Phil Steele Predicts a Big Bama Win Against TAMU

    Phil Steel is a genious.(today)
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    Re: ****Bama vs. TAMU - Postgame Thread****

    The answer for the HUNH verses having a balanced attack and a stout defense was answered today. Coach Sumlin is known for his wide open high scoring offenses. You will not win in this conference...
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    Re: Sports Ill. thinks Bama is at Low Tide....

    I totally agree with other schools selling their souls to be like us. As far as the SI article , I'm going to pass and not read it. "Low Tide" are just two words. We may not win it all this year, but...
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