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    Link: Re: Alabama starting sims vs wvu

    Maybe it's simpler than that. You've never seen Blake play with the first string and a full playbook, and Jacob still hasn't beaten anybody out as a college quarterback.

    JC may better look the...
  2. JessN: Re: 2014 Previews: Tennessee Volunteers

    It warmed my hands. Dumpster fires are not without their charms.
  3. Re: Georgia has a "process" according to hype video

    The real process: Win something, then talk.
  4. Re: Question re: Gussie Busch at Linebacker

    I believe this is the kid's father.

    Spent three years living across the street from Grant's Farm, the family's south St. Louis estate. It was filled with all kinds of exotic animals and had a...
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    JessN: Re: Previews 2014: Auburn Tigers

    Solid description. Will say this: If AU can throw for two scores against us this year, we're in for a game.
  6. Re: 4* OLB Joshua McMillon Announces Today

    Let's hope Joshua continues to draw that reaction on the field and in the classroom.
  7. Re: Oklahoma suspends Joe Mixon for season

    Yet, they are trying to exploit the NCAA's"run-off" waiver to have DGB play immediately. Yes, he was run off -- after two marijuana arrests and a violent assault. Real victim here.
  8. Re: Braxton Miller Reinjured Right Shoulder- Playing Status for the season in Jeo...

    Braxton is such a good kid, one whom CNS went after very strongly, and we're all sorry for him. That said, tOSU, plays, ahem, the perfect, cough, schedule to give his replacement time to grow.
  9. Re: 2016 DE / DT Benito Jones flips to Ole Miss

    A solid poster on the AJC says there's talk that this may have been an Ole Miss set-up from the start. If true, what they accomplish this far out is unclear.
  10. Re: and the beat goes on - jawjuh's annual pool party

    Big Brother Richt also did away with two-a-days one year. Granted, there's more than one way to skin a cat. But at Georgia each year, you end up with a dead cat, the longest rap sheet and most...
  11. Re: DT Trent Thompson to UGA

    I'm sure the Georgia staff will coach him up, particular on his entry into the water.

    For being such a high-ranking recruit, Mr. Thompson has kept a relatively low-keyed summer. But after missing...
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    JessN: Re: Previews 2014: Alabama Crimson Tide

    For the record, the decline in Alabama football under Paul Bryant was far more severe than anything we've seen under Nick Saban. Think about last year: At Auburn, and for the first time since 2008,...
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    Re: breakout year for J.Coker

    Small sample, true. But in this clip only two passes hit the ground. Guess who?
  14. Re: ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #16 - LB, Shaun Dion Hamilton****

    Highlight footage, sure. But he makes plays all over the field.
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    JessN: Re: Previews 2014: Alabama Crimson Tide

    Unless I'm missing something, the punter was pretty good.
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