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  1. Re: 2016 Season QB Thread (Moved QB Posts from Practice Thread)

    Barnett needs to make better decisions with the ball. He made a lot of mental errors in the spring. If he cleans that up he has a shot. Hurts is the more athletic of the two, but Barnett can be...
  2. Re: VIDEO: UA guard Ar'Mond Davis Can Shoot the Three

    I think the difference is we'll have Nick King, Hale, Davis, Riley, and Dazon all of whom can score. When was the last time we had a scoring threat from 4 of the 5 positions on the court. I am...
  3. Re: VIDEO: UA guard Ar'Mond Davis Can Shoot the Three

    I saw it Twitter this morning. A couple of shooters and scorers will help this team immensely. Down the stretch last year we faded because teams figured out if the covered Retin and limited him, we...
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    Re: Avery Interviewed On ESPN

    If he recruits as well as he coaches, we'll be competing for championships.

    Cecil wrote a good column Sunday about his recruiting efforts. Every fan should read it.
  5. Re: Yahoo: NCAA to formally charge Ole Miss with rules violations (UPDATE: NOA Releas

    I heard that they had a guy a Scam Daddy's church who was going on the record as having witnessed the exchange. That's when the boogs got wind of it and suddenly he would not return the...
  6. Link: Re: Opposing Coach: "Alabama Can be as Good as They Were A Year Ago"

    I watched Kelly get blown up by Ole Miss consistently. I do believe ross will be a more physical presence. I am not sure he will be as good at the mental part yet.
  7. Re: Yahoo Sources: NCAA to formally charge Mississippi with rules violations

    I agree with most of what you said, but there are some differences form the Scam newton case and the Ole Miss situation. Auburn was being protected by Slive and he actively lobbied on their behalf. ...
  8. Question: Re: What is the better Road Game? Death Valley or Neyland Stadium

    I've done both numerous times and I'd rate Baton Rouge as a more fun game be far. To say Neyland stadium is a dump is being generous, It is not good enough to be a dump. The worst stadium I have...
  9. Link: Re: Report: Ohio State Hoops Transfer Visiting Bama

    It is a long way from Ontario to T-town. He may want to be closer to home or we moved on to greener pastures.
  10. Link: Re: Report: Ohio State Hoops Transfer Visiting Bama

    Now We need a few more just like him. We are going to terribly thin on low blocks as usual, but things are looking up. Anyone know what happened to the kid from Ontario, Canada? There was a thread...
  11. Re: Softball Starts 2016 SEC Conference Tourney

    We actually got screwed by the ups in the series with UK. It should have been a sweep for us, but the umps ignored a runner interference on them and ended the game with runner interference on us. ...
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    Re: 2016 SG Terrance Ferguson

    Yes, you are right. If a kid wants to go to the NBA, facilities should not really matter. The reality is much different though when you are a school that hasn't produced NBA talent on a consistent...
  13. Re: Staff Changes: Scott Pospichal Gone and John Pelphrey Interviewing Today

    I think that Moving Coach P and hiring Pelphrey is a good move. Pelphrey brings a world of experience in the college game and I suspect coach P will help us out on the recruiting trail whenever...
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    Re: Justin Coleman Tweets He's Transferring

    Kids want to play and there would not be enough playing time to spread around the guards. That and the fact is he simply can't get a shot off inside so defenders knew when he penetrated the lane, it...
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    Re: Justin Coleman Tweets He's Transferring

    I felt like we'd have one or two transfers so this was not unexpected. I was a little surprised by Coleman, but makes sense. Ingram will be back as will AJ jr. so playing time would have been...
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