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    Re: UGA Gets New Logo And Uniforms

    All black?They're saving that to scare Bama next time we come to town!
  2. Re: Confession Time: Have You Ever Given Up on the Tide BEFORE A Game Was Actually

    Yes.All three Auburn games coached by Curry!
  3. Re: Phil Robertson (Duck Commander) on playing againsy Alabama in 1966

    I believe it was Tulane.
  4. Re: How Many Bama National Titles In Your Lifetime?(And Pick Your Favorite)

    Ten.I don't have a favorite but I'm certain the threepeats in 1964,1965,1966 and 1977,1978 ,1979 would have been memorable had we not gotten the screw job by the ND lovers.I think 1966 was our best...
  5. Re: "Gus Malzahn hires Ellis Johnson as defensive coordinator"

    Don't forget,he sued the UA after leaving.
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    Re: Herbie on Finebaum Today

    I believe Gentry is a Georgia grad.
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    Re: 1969 Alabama vs Ole Miss Shootout

    The game did not kick off until shortly after 8:00PM and lasted almost four hours.The student section did not sit down during the entire game.
  8. Re: Auburn stepping up and beating Bama ... possibility?

    The 1984 team would have been not have been 4-6 if Kerry Goode had not suffered the season ending knee injury in the Boston College game.The offense was built around him and the coac
    hing staff had...
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    Re: breaking barn news

    Looks like someone told Marshall that he can't cut Chizik's grass anymore!
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    Re: First Bama game you ever watched?

    October 27,1956.Denny Stadium.Bama 13 Miss State 12.
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    Re: What happened between Fran and Saban?

    Franchione was a gutless liar who was afraid to face the NCAA sanctions.That's how it "fell apart" for him.
  12. Re: Photo -- Fan expressions as T.J. Yeldon crosses the goal line

    Finebaum and Slive don't look thrilled either!
  13. Re: Trivia- Bama's Largest Two Margins Of Victory Since 1957 When Bryant Came Home?

    The game which was played in the rain was actually in 1972 and I believe Don Strock suffered a broken leg after having a punt blocked.
  14. Re: Trivia- Bama's Largest Two Margins Of Victory Since 1957 When Bryant Came Home?

    I believe you are thinking of a later game which was played in a driving rain.The 1973 77-6 game was played at night in Tuscaloosa in great weather.
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