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  1. Link: Re: Recruits dish on college football uniforms

    I don't know any recruit in the nation that wouldn't want to wear the jersey below complete with those patches.
  2. Re: Where would you rank the onside kick among the best plays in Alabama history?

    The onside kick by Griffith was certainly the biggest onside kick in Alabama football history, both because of the execution as well as the implications given it was the National Championship Game.
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    Re: Kevin Turner Passed

    When faced with a relentless disease like ALS, you can either lay down and quit or you can fight it with everything you have. Those that fight are not fighting for their own lives, but rather for...
  4. Re: Eddie Lacy now second best runningback on Packers team?

    Haha...I still have my old sweats from my time at Alabama...those things last dang near forever!
  5. Re: National Championships in the last quarter century

    Bobby Bowden 2 - The game had passed him by...but he was no doubt pressured into retirement.
    Gene Stallings 1 - It is well known that he was forced into retirement.
    Don James 1 - Resigned after his...
  6. Re: National Championships in the last quarter century

    It's interesting looking at how many of those coaches were either fired or forced into "retirement".
  7. Re: Interesting breakdown of OJ Howard's first TD in the CFPCG

    His breakdown of the onside kick was good as well.

    The championship game really showcased how important planning, coaching, and execution are in the sport. Because of videos like this, we can all...
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    Re: New Football Rules Approved

    A WR going up to catch a high ball...being tackled and falling down awkwardly can also shatter a player's leg/ankle. (RE: Prothro)

    This is just the result of playing a full contact sport where...
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    Re: New Football Rules Approved

    It's been discussed every possible way over the past few years...but once Murray threw that INT...he became a defender. He was no longer a QB on that play, therefore he cannot be treated as one.
  10. Re: Will you be outraged if Nick Saban is college football's first $8 Million Man?

    As other's have said, a simple understanding of ROI will show that CNS is underpaid from that perspective. He also has clauses in his contract that give him bonuses if he meets certain criteria. He's...
  11. Link: Re: Alabama Football 2015-16 Season Highlights - National Champions

    Fantastic video. A few things I noticed:

    1. I forgot how great Robert Foster was before he got hurt.
    2. That Ole Miss game still makes me mad.
    3. Seeing how we played angry the rest of the...
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    Game Thread Re: Super Bowl L

    all of my anti-Auburn bias aside...

    I was very disappointed in Cam Newton's press conference after the game. You get paid millions of dollars to be a professional and face of your team. You should...
  13. Re: What was the moment when Alabama became more than a football team to you?

    I grew up in Birmingham and my dad was an active member of the Jefferson County chapter of the Alabama Alumni Association (and president later on). Because of this, we attended the football banquet...
  14. News Article: Re: Kevin Turner's son to play safety at Clemson

    I'm pretty sure anyone who is on scholarship counts toward the 85 limit.

    I know in most collegiate sports, those scholarships can be spread across multiple athletes. For example, I believe men's...
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    Re: 1:15 P.M. Team Ranking Update

    Interesting...if you go to 247's full site on a computer and look at the rankings, they still have FSU at #1. They also have FSU with three 5-star commitments whereas the mobile site you posted has...
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