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  1. Re: Pre-Draft Discussion (Combine, Mock Drafts, Analysis, etc...)

    Caught this article from Dan Carson at FoxNews on Henry at the combine:
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    Game Thread Re: Super Bowl L

    And unfortunately there wasn't a Dad there to pick him up off the ground and correct his behavior at any point in time the last 26 years. Now it requires linebackers to correct childish behavior in...
  3. Re: Caption this pic: Dabo and Saban and the Onside

    Coach Saban: "Got your nose!" ...
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    Re: Drake's TD on ESPN Deportes

    That was awesome. I watched the Megacast Hometown broadcast with Eli and Phil's radio coverage over the video. I had to avoid any social media and text messages from friends for the whole game...
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    Re: The Underutilization of the Tight End

    Are you guys kidding? Coach Saban used Howard as a decoy all season long and then played "Watch this!" during the Playoffs. It was genius. Classic misdirection during the regular season. Both...
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    Re: The Onside Kick

    The BEST PART of that play was at the end, with Coach Saban grinning like the cat's meow and Dabo throwing a hissy fit on the sideline. :biggrin:
  7. Game Thread Re: Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. MSU...

    After watching how OJ played tonight and some of the catches he made, I am kind of of the mind that Coach K. intentionally held some things back to keep it off film for any potential playoff run. ...
  8. Re: What happens if Ole Miss and us both win out?

    OM doesn't get in even if they win out. There would have to be a whole lot of upsets before the conference championships to even make that a remote possibility. The more interesting thing that was...
  9. Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama v. UGA - 2nd Half...

    Fitzpatrick is the MAN! This just smoking awesome!
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    Re: My take on where the QB job is at...

    ROFL! That just about cost me my laptop. Hot coffee and keyboards dont mix when you bust out laughing :biggrin:
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    Link: Re: Reaction from Ingram on Grant Firing

    That's called playing the field, and eventually it gets a little old. Kind of like the prettiest girl in school who knows it. Maybe they just need to move on and get away from all the name...
  12. Re: Bill Battle Explains Process of Firing Anthony Grant

    The coaching situation was a hot topic in the family household the last 2 seasons. I argued he needed to go last year and my own mother would argue that he should get another year. Commandment #5...
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    Game Thread Re: Rose Bowl: FSU vs Oregon

    Herb finally says "Let me tell you something.....Florida State has just quit..."
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    Re: Michigan reaches out to LSU's Les Miles

    Now you know he would gripe that Ohio State was Michigan's permanent rival game at some point, to get out of it. LOL. That whole Florida/LSU deal they were trying to blow up to justify busting...
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    Re: Confession Time!

    I had to change shirts at the half. I was wearing my Alabama golf shirt to start the game, and not my old URC t-shirt from the office that I have worn every Saturday since Arkansas this Season. Sims...
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