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  1. Re: Four Bama football players arrested...

    Umm no. Operation Red Dog, the fishing trip, Jelks on a napkin, destiny in club with Mike etc. Need I go on?
  2. Re: Four Bama football players arrested...

    This is extremely odd considering that you made this post way before this entire incident as if you already knew something had already went down. It seems overtly sarcastic as if you were just...
  3. Re: Four Bama football players arrested - was progress of Eddie Williams & B. Callowa

    What kind of question is this and what is the motive?
  4. Link: Re: Just when I thought a group of fans couldn't get any sorrier...

    Honestly I dont agree with the statement in bold and I don think anyone else besides Bama could do what they did and I especially dont think the booger eaters would have ever come back. They would...
  5. Link: Re: Just when I thought a group of fans couldn't get any sorrier...

    Im from the Dothan area too where there has been an infestation of the little boog maggots since the early 2000s
    with their pathetic bloated 6 garbage. I grew up there so I would know that it was...
  6. Re: Eyes on Auburn radio show earlier tonight

    This post brings up several points of discussion to mind.

    First off

    #1 The term mnc is the booger eaters favorite term and their cult uses this word more than any other fanbase in all of...
  7. Link: Re: Vote for Bama and Eddie Lacy to be on the next cover EA Sports NCAA Football!

    Done! Lets do this!
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    Re: 2013 OL Laremy Tunsil Updates

    Maybe Im out of the loop but I didnt know ole ms even had a past much less a football program. It must really suck to be a grad or *gasp* fan of this program. They are just sad. Something else I...
  9. Link: Re: Reuben Foster Says He Will Only Visit 3 Schools

    Id be crying too if I had to escape the nasty hole known as awburn. Remember this jack-3 out of the last 4.
  10. Re: Spencer Tillman: "Saban and Alabama Scared to Death of Texas A& M"

    Now all we need is a side by side photo comparison of tillman and Little Richard. Yes and for whomever does it
    just for my evil sense of humor I need to see both the young Richard and the modern...
  11. Re: Vote for Bama for the cover for the 2013 EA Sports College Football Video Game

    If you are on facebook or want to vote there are 8 teams left to be voted to win to be on the cover.
    Right now it is neck and neck with Bama and michigan in the lead. This would be cool to win...
  12. Re: Vols fans all up in arms with Coach Saban as guest speaker in Tennessee

    I would love to see a video of this or an audio clip. Are there any?
  13. News Article: Re: Elephants in Houndstooth Parade Through Birmingham Celebrating National Champions

    Man this is so sweet! RTR!
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    Re: LSU Fan Reactions When Yeldon Scored

    The boogers and the bullfrogs are unanimously and infinitely tied for the two most delusional,irrational and just plain dumb ignorant for the technique and history of the game. Also more than any...
  15. Game Thread Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. UK****

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