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    Link: Re: Gaspard resigns

    Just beat me to it, he is gone! Hopefully we can hire the right coach and get this team moving in the right direction. RTR!
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    Re: Strong Finish coming for 2016 class

    Awesome day so far, hoping for a bit more icing on the cake! RTR!
  3. Re: 2-National Championship Tickets, Tide Pride

    Tickets can be sent via email or mailed overnight if needed!
  4. 2-National Championship Tickets, Tide Pride

    2 Tickets for schedule is preventing us from going. I should have them via email tomorrow or Thursday per ticket office. They are the $450 face value seats. Asking $1000 for the pair,...
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    Re: It's Official: Bama v. Michigan St.

    This is a good matchup for us. They are a disciplined team, but we can and will win if we just execute and play our game and limit mistakes. RTR!
  6. Game Thread Re: Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. Gators (SECCG)...

    Solid win overall...we need to correct the mistakes mainly on offense to win it all. We will have to score more points to beat Oklahoma and/or Clemson, but this defense, arguably Saban's best, will...
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    Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. AU - 2nd Half...

    Put up or shut up time, gotta win it in the 4th quarter!
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    Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. AU...

    Got to tighten up in the 2nd half, not playing bad, but certainly not great either. Glad to see Griffith hit these kicks and build his confidence, but I hope he only kicks XP/kickoffs in the 2nd half!
  9. Re: What's your thoughts on Alabama Running backs from the game against CSU?

    Harris and Scarborough both looked good and showed lots of potential. They need to just continue to work hard, get stronger, and their reps will come. It is easy to see the excitement around...
  10. Re: Auburn offense may debut a 'little package' for Iron Bowl

    They have absolutely nothing to lose, and would love nothing more than to play spoiler. We need to be prepared for every kind of trick play including fake FGs, punts, etc. I look for them to try...
  11. Re: Vote for Derrick Henry for Capital One Impact Performance of the Week

    Just voted, DH is in the lead now!
  12. Thread: Dabo

    by bamaee04

    Re: Dabo

    Why so much hate for one of our own being successful? I guess I must have missed something. There is nothing wrong with showing enthusiasm and celebrating with your players, and I agree that a lot of...
  13. Game Thread Re: Pregame Thread - Bama vs. LA. Monroe (SEC network, 3:00 PM)

    Nothing better than getting back on track with a W in the win column. Hopefully we'll see some improvement and growth as a team. Roll Tide!
  14. Question: Re: Why doesn't Alabama have a coach dedicated to special teams?

    True, it isn't all coaching, but it is a huge part of the problem. A good special teams assistant would be able to help with recruiting the best kickers/punters and not have them be highly touted...
  15. Question: Re: Why doesn't Alabama have a coach dedicated to special teams?

    Well we need to get an assistant that can truly do double duty with another position then. Our special teams have been anything but for several years since Middleton was here and Arenas was returning...
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