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  1. Re: Poor Inner City Disenfranchised Are Mad BC Illegals Are Taking Their Free Money

    If my memory serves me right wasn't the riots in miami florida in the eighty's was about the influx of illegals the reason because they were taken the resources away from the black community.
  2. Re: US to surpass Saudi Arabia & Russia in oil production

    This is very smart of russia. America turns their back on iraq and here comes our heroes. No matter what America has done for them, what have you done for me lately. In their most needed moment who...
  3. Re: Cops Want to Take Photos of Teen's 'Tallywhacker' to Prove He Sexted

    In a case like this I say the cops are perps. Just want it for their home collection.
  4. Re: Obamas have spent over $44M on far

    With this there are still people out there that still worship the O. Bow down you sheep.
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    Re: Derrick Henry Sugar Bowl Highlights

    With the Oline not performing that good He made it look good. Just think if the Oline is performing better with better play calling what that would do.
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    Re: Freshman DT Josh Frazier

    I hope I am surprised to.;)
  7. Re: Lax gun laws are at fault for 11 dead in Chicago this weekend

    We could send them all to Iraq. Give them a gallon of water and a knife and tell them good luck.
  8. Re: Joan Rivers call Obama Gay/Michael/Michelle a Tranny

    You know I don't care about fashion in any way but I would watch her show fashion police to see what she might say about somebody or what statement she might make. Very funny woman and don't mind who...
  9. Re: Shock Poll - Obama Worst President Ever - Zogby

    I do think that obama is the first president that has tried to destroy this Country. He is the worse president ever in my opinion.
  10. Re: Christian father commits suicide after wife and daughter brutally raped by ISIS

    I didn't know animals can be gentlemen.
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    Re: RIP Eli Wallach (98)......

    Man I didn't know he was even that close to that aged. Great in the Good the Bad and the Ugly.
  12. Re: Flood Of Kids To Bring Overcrowded Classrooms And Diseases To Public Schools.

    When has this president done anything good for this Country?
  13. Re: CSS is no more on Jacksonville FL Cable

    In Athens Al Charter has dropped CSS. I hope charter picks up the sec network. Has anybody heard if they were or not?
  14. Re: Most of job growth since 2000 seems to have gone to immigrants (legal and illegal

    Is that true? I don't understand everything the article said but got to say this is not good for the future of this country. Is all these people not working living off the government? I can see why...
  15. Re: Los Angeles Declares July Muslim American Heritage Month

    Don't forget a class how to kill innocent women and children in the name of their god.
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