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    Re: Harbaugh climbs tree

    It sets a bad precedent.... Once these recruits come to Michigan and Harbaugh no longer stays in the dorm with them.. how will they feel?
  2. Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. Clemson (Da Big One) - 2nd Half...

    Roll Tide.. 2 more quarters
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    Re: Do you eat during the game?

    14-14 at the half.. I am definitely drinking!!
  4. Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. Clemson (Da Big One)...

    that "hamstring".......... que the excuses..
  5. Game Thread Re: Official Pre-Game Thread - Bama vs. Clemson (National Championship Game)...

    Roll Tide Roll!!! Just got back from the store. Got the spread planned for tomorrow!!! Now if only work will fly by. Can't wait to cheer the boyz to #16!!!!
  6. Game Thread Re: AJ starting a Playoff Game - Bengals v Steelers

    Sets up beautifully. AJ has his shot to drive them down for the Touchdown for the win
  7. Re: Dilemma regarding the National Championship game..HELP!!!

    I can certainly understand wanting to share the experience with the wife. However, if you haven't had the opportunity to see this years defense play in person.. it may sway me to take the trip!
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    Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. MSU...

    Roll Tide!! Time to get a Hat on a Hat!!
  9. Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. MSU - Cotton Bowl Pregame Thread****

    Roll Tide!!!! May the Spartans offense only see the other side of the 50 yard line at the start of the 3rd Quarter.. And may they play the 2nd half trying to get back across it!!!
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    Re: Eagles fire Chip Kelly

    Get ready for the "Chip Kelly to Bama as Offensive Coordinator" rumors
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    Re: AJ wins an award

    Isn't AJ winning that award a conflict of interest seeing that his wife is "under contract"
  12. Re: Heisman finalists announced on 6pm Eastern (5pm Central) on Sportscenter ESPN2

    Tonight you have won the internet!!!
  13. Re: Montana State quarterback Dakota Prukop to Visit Alabama

    If one & done QB's keep our streak of competing for National Championships then I am all for it. At the end of the day, the best QB will always be taking the field.
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    Re: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly SECCG...

    The Good- No more games this year I'm forced to listen to Gary & Verne

    The Bad- Only a Max of 2 more games to watch Bama play this year

    The Ugly- Aweburn!!
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    Re: Alabama - 2015 SEC CHAMPIONS!

    Roll Tide Roll..... It's been great to watch this team come together.. And looking forward to another game or two!!!
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