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    Re: Missouri Declines Their Bowl Bid?

    I'm wondering if there's ANY circumstance where a SEC team forfeits their share of the bowl payoff pie, e.g., refusing to play in a bowl game.
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Auburn

    28 us'uns-13 University of Auburn. Their home game plus just enough pixie dust and mo jo floating about that they score, late, prob against our ST, plus 2 fgs.. (Hope I'm just a pessimist and we hang...
  3. Re: Bo Jackson's comments on the finebaum show

    Agree with others. Bo was prob the best athlete we've produced in the state, at least in my lifetime. At one point in his recruitment, I believe def. Coach Ken Donahue was handling Bo's. Who knows...
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    Re: L5U v. Ole Miss

    Dropped by a well-known lsu forum for a peek at the train wreck. Les isn't getting a lot of love. They're ready to send the moving van. These are few names they're throwing around: Petrino (?!),...
  5. Re: Official Pre-Game Thread - Bama vs. CSU...

    Bee-you-tee-full morning. Delivering Thanksgiving baskets to indigents in our area this AM, then Newberry vs UNA playoff game to attend. Roll Tide and Go Bo Go!
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    Projected Birmingham Bowl Opponents

    Brett McMurphy from ESPN predicted this bowl matchup:
    Had to chuckle at this one. WingNut vs his previous employer.:p_green:
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    Re: Bayoutider 03/02/1947 - 08/06/2011

    Thank you for stopping by. Your presence here provides those who knew and appreciated him with a sweet reminder of what an extraordinary impact he made on so many people. And I'm sure not just on...
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Miss. State

    This was my pick. JessN, I believe, had it 31-21, us.
  9. Re: Official Pre-Game Thread - Bama vs. MSU...

    RTR, folks. We've got kudzu killing temps up here in the Northern Kingdom of Alabama!
  10. JessN: Re: MSU Preview: Bulldogs again make Bama’s post-LSU life uncomfortable

    Thanks Jess. i was thinking 30-20, with DP getting his licks in during the 1st half. We play to the level of our competition and then just enough to get out with the win. The clangers will be pumped.
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    Re: A'Shawn Robinson's Blocked PAT

    I must say that in watching extra points being kicked for a bit over 60 years, that is the first time I've ever seen a block accomplished that way. Amazing on every level.
  12. Re: Bye Week Topic: Looking at Running Back Next Year

    Agreed. It's not feasible, but we need to sign a trainload of RBs every year due to the high attrition rate.
  13. Re: Another Example of Our Global Brand Recognition

    Great stories, guys. Thanks for pitching in. Anyone got any more Bama-on-the Road anecdotes?
  14. Another Example of Our Global Brand Recognition
    My son sent this to me this morning. Came with this: גאות גליל!!!

    You know what that means... Tide Roll!!!:D
  15. Game Thread Re: Official Pre-Game Thread - Bama vs. Vols...

    Tell me about it. Just got back from 2 weeks camping at Gulf State Park and I can't see the grass in my yard for the leaves. Two things I greatly dislike: 10RC and tulip poplars.
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