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  1. Re: What happens if there is a three way tie in the west?

    I haven't read the rule the first time. This was my interpretation from the thread. I'm at work and the rule reading will have to wait.

    My math was all kinds of bad. I had all three teams playing...
  2. Re: What happens if there is a three way tie in the west?

    OK, so I looked at the schedules of UK,UF, Vandy, and UT then I projected what I thought would be each school's final won loss record. Interestingly Bama's opponents would be 9-15, Ole Miss 9-16, and...
  3. Re: Lane Kiffin's mother 'scared to death' for son's safety

    I don't think anything will happen to CLK but I'm certainly concerned. I imagine almost all Bama fans living in Tennessee feel the same way because the hate here is palpable. Not only did he bail on...
  4. Re: Will Lane have to wear a helmet onto the field?

    CLK was the guy who was going to bring the Vols back and they were showing signs of getting better when he bailed. Personally, I don't think the hate Bama fans have for Fulmer is anywhere in the...
  5. Re: Tennessee Hate Week : All Things Tennessee Hate Related Here

    Things I've heard in the last year:

    "Don't be wearing all that Alabama stuff around me."

    "Alabama is crooked."

    "Alabama has the best team money can buy."

    "Lane Kiffin better not be on the...
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    Re: Upset Specials: week 9

    What poll has the two Mississippi schools 1 & 2? Are you talking about the SEC West rankings?
  7. Re: TAMU Game...Are you more impressed with Bama's Offense or Defense

    I was most impressed with the lack of penalties and turnovers. aTm did help us by dropping an interception (whew, we would have lost), but no fumbles and excellent special teams play was a breath of...
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    Re: Les Miles having some fun with reporter

    Sometimes I like Les and sometimes I don't. He does have a very unique way with words. The reporter got what he deserved.
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    Re: Pick the score: Tennessee vs. Alabama

    39-0 so we can one up Archie.
  10. Re: 2014 NCAA Playoff-Can they keep Alabama out now?

    You may be right, but why make the assumption that the committee was put in place to take things behind closed doors? I hope you're wrong; I bet you do too.

    Also, I don't know what it means to...
  11. Re: 2014 NCAA Playoff-Can they keep Alabama out now?

    A lot of this depends on how we win out. If we dismantle the Barn, the Vols, LSU, and M Tate I think the whole country will see Bama as the team to beat. The aTm game changed everyone's opinion of...
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    Re: Raglands Interception

    It was a phenomenal catch. IMO, a little luck had to be involved. I think he tips that ball more often than he catches it. But on Saturday, Bama did very little wrong. It was a magic day.
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    Re: Bama to #4 in coaches poll...

    Yeah, baby!!! With Mittittippi Tate and the Barn in front of us, if Bama wins out, we're in. Yesterday was a statement game.
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    Re: Coaches on the hot seat

    I think the jury is still out on Sumlin. They haven't played good defense since he's been at aTm and with no Johnny Football, I don't know if he's a great coach or not. Time will tell. I agree he...
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    Re: Coaches on the hot seat

    Arky has made a lot of progress. I suspect they'll beat Missouri and possibly LSU. The PTB should give Bielema more time, IMHO.
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