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    Re: Devin Mitchell to Transfer from Alabama
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    Re: Appears Ricky Tarrant is Transferring

    don't know how to quote multiple people.... but my statement was in regards to the prior post from Rama Jama: "Not 100% sure he would want Kessens though." i just didn't take the time to include the...
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    Re: Appears Ricky Tarrant is Transferring

    while i hate to see anyone leave the program, i can understand if Tarrant thought a different situation would be best for him. to spin a phrase everyone loves to throw around on here.... since we...
  4. Question: Re: B-Ball Recruiting: Who will Coach Avery be meeting?
  5. Re: Bill Battle Explains Process of Firing Anthony Grant

    while transparency is a good thing, i believe some things do not need to be discussed. not sure how anyone gained from this interview.
  6. Question: Re: B-Ball Recruiting: Who will Coach Avery be meeting?
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    Link: Re: Coach AJ Address Football Team

    LOVE his enthusiasm and energy. i am still not sure what to expect, but he is winning me over
  8. Re: Link to the Coach Avery Johnson Press Conference 11 am Central

    i completely agree. marshall may have been the first attempt, but i can't believe he would have done any of this. i am truly impressed with how CAJ has gotten out in front of things. we've lacked...
  9. Re: Would it help support our Program, if we added BBall to our Recruiting Forum

    i would like info on bball recruits as well. i try to follow basketball, but online information on recruiting does not seem as easy to locate as football. i don't know if it should be in the...
  10. Thread: Coaching staff

    by Marg

    Re: Coaching staff

    former mississippi state coach.
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    Re: SEC considers Notre Dame as Power Five team.

    i take it as more of a nod to the military academy than anything else. gives them exposure they would not otherwise get against great competition that would draw eyes. more exposure may lead to...
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    Re: BCS 2014 - what would have been?

    so, let me make sure i am understanding the playoff site rationale. #1 and #2 are "protected" based on their matchups with #'s 3 and 4, right? let me throw this in the mix. what if LSU had a great...
  13. Re: Lane Kiffin's mother 'scared to death' for son's safety

    i had a friend offer me a ticket to the ut - chattanooga game a couple of weeks ago. i had never been, and had always wanted to see all of the sec stadiums in person, so i took them up on it. the...
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    Re: Kiffin Or Smart As Possible Head Coach

    i was impressed with the job James Franklin did at Vandy. both with the W's and recruiting (at VANDY). if he is able to keep up his momentum at PSU, i think he should be in consideration.
  15. Re: You serious, Clark? - funny - worth the teaser, imo

    where's the tylenol?
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