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    Re: No. 18 Marshall vs UAB thread

    Final score Marshall 23-18.

    So glad Marshall was able to survive that one. It felt like a game they would lose from the start...

    11-0! Just one more game next week, then Louisiana Tech in the...
  2. Re: Mississippi State v. Alabama (As called by Eli Gold)

    This is wonderful!

    I've never listened to the TV "announcers", and in recent years it's gotten more annoying because ESPN is often 15+ seconds delayed, so I know what happens from Eli's calls...
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    Re: Pick The Score: Alabama At Arkansas

    Good guys win, 42-7.
  4. Re: October 18 (TAMU @ Alabama) Game Times Announced

    I love it every time we get a game on CBS because I listen to Eli Gold and the radio crew, and if it's, say, an ESPN game, the TV is delayed by ~15 seconds, so it's not even fun to watch it.

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    Re: Is Henry our best back. ?

    IMHO, I think Henry is great, but I absolutely love what Kenyan Drake does when he goes out on the field.

    Yeldon is great too, but we haven't seen that much of him this season.
  6. Re: I Was Wrong About Blake Sims

    Before the WVU game, I thought about it like this:

    We had Brodie Croyle. Really great QB. His backup was JP Wilson who was even better, IMO.
    Then after JP, we had McElroy who, again, had been the...
  7. Re: End to one of the strangest years I can remember

    It was a weird year indeed. One team would win a game, then lose another to a bad team which wasn't really bad because the week before they beat a good team but that good team was also bad because...
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    Re: question about sugar bowl tv

    Along with ESPN comes the 15-second delay from Eli Gold live on the radio to the TV coverage. Oh, well.

    And then if you want to stream ESPN, be prepared for a delay of 5-10 seconds more! It's...
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    Question: Re: Anybody up for a joint Crimson-Out?

    If I could go to the game, I'd definitely participate. Great idea.
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    Link: Re: AP All-SEC football team announced

    Basically, just look at the W/L of the three. AJ wins. He should get it.

    If you're a recruiter, you don't want a quarterback who has flashy stats, you want one who can WIN. AJ has proved that time...
  11. Re: Worst pic I've seen from a Bama fan; supporting barnie

    They went too far with that, sure, but I say, why not cheer for Auburn? The team, of course, not the fans.

    I'm rooting for Auburn in the BCSCG, obviously, but only because I want FSU's mouth shut...
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    Poll: Re: Who Do You PREFER to Win: Barn or FSU?

    Keep it in the state, shut up Florida State, keep it in the SEC. Triple win, in my opinion.
    We get a big win in the Sugar Bowl, Auburn & Alabama finish 1st and 2nd respectively.

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    Game Thread Re: Devils vs Seminoles

    It's still gonna happen. Duke can exploit FSU's weaknesses. They had ample opportunity in the first half and they blew it most of the time.

    Their defense just needs to keep them in the game and...
  14. Re: If FSU beats DUKE, will you still root for Ohio State to lose to MSU?

    I most certainly will, regardless of who wins the SECCG.

    Let's keep it in the SEC and hopefully the state.

    And plus: All hope is not lost for us if FSU beats Duke, so long as Missouri beats...
  15. Re: What we now NEED (game results)

    There may not be much logic to staying ahead of Auburn, but there's no logic to Mizzou jumping Bama, either.
    I said we may be #3 because Auburn has a lot of ground to cover in the BCS. It depends...
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