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    LAST YEARS aTm GAME being shown on ESPNU at 6 PM central. They usually show us in some losing game.
  2. Re: Tennessee committed recruit embraces rivalry, calls out Alabama

    Just curious as to EXACTLY what he's basing his confidence on.
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    JessN: Re: FYI, previews are starting soon.

    Thanks in advance, Jess. Always look forward to your analysis of the SEC landscape as we rapidly approach another new season. rtr
  4. Re: Haaaaaaaaaaaappy Fourth to All My American Fellow Tide Fans!!!

    Wonderful Fourth here at our wikiup. Can't remember a 4th as cool and comfortable as this and we're enjoying it immensely. GBA and RTR.
  5. Link: Re: Kim Jacob wins national female collegiate athlete of the year

    Wonderful achievement for her, in addition to presenting herself as a great ambassador for the University. RTR, Kim.
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    Re: *** QB Blake Barnett Commits to Alabama ***


    If he hit each on the first attempt, then I'm highly impressed. :D
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    Question: Re: 1971 Alabama vs USC rematch

    He played some but I don't think Wilbur started until the next year, '72.
    '71 backfield backfield I believe was: Johnny Musso, Steve Bisceglia, Joe LaBue and Terry Davis, QB
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    Question: Re: 1971 Alabama vs USC rematch

    Here are the statistics from each game. Clearly the defense came to play in '71 plus the offense ran clock. 1970 and 1971.
  9. Re: *** OLB Keaton Anderson Commits to Alabama ***

    Welcome, Keaton. Always happy to see one of our local talent sign with the University. Especially in light of the strong UT connection of the family. RTR.
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    Re: NCAA Golf National Champions

    We've done a back-to-back in winning this year, having won it last year also.CLICK
  11. Re: Auburn signee Tre Williams' thoughts on Nick Saban: 'little man syndrome'

    With the possibility of the same endgame as Haman: hung on the very same gallows he built to execute his enemy.

    Good analogy, Red.
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    Re: Bottom 30 pre-season poll

    I read something a while back that said Tech turned around in 2 years and tried to get back into the SEC. But Coach Dodd was told at the time that he had essentially burned the bridges behind him.
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    Link: Re: Summer enrollees for alabama

    Good news for the OL. According to this, Dominick Jackson is in. CLICK
  14. Re: Valuing ($$$) college quarterbacks to their programs. AJ gets dissed again.

    Yes they do. Pat was the first to pop in my mind.
  15. Re: Valuing ($$$) college quarterbacks to their programs. AJ gets dissed again.

    Substitute the name Trammell there and you would be describing another great QB we were privileged to have lead our team, once upon a time. The two just won games.
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