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    Re: BCS 2014 - what would have been?

    I'm assuming this simulation is based on current polls (coaches, etc) having Bama at #1. As someone else mentioned though, I believe these polls have been influenced by the CFP poll dropping FSU...
  2. Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Mizzou - Game Thread - 2nd Half****

    Good job deandrew!
  3. Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Mizzou - Game Thread - 2nd Half****

    Jones looked like he was jogging on that return.
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Mizzou - Game Thread****

    Here we go again with Blake. Hope he gets it together on next drive.
  5. Re: UAB fires AD and is planning to shut down UAB football program

    They should have been focusing all their money on the bball program from the start. They have a very nice on campus arena, and would have been a force if they had kept Mike Anderson from leaving for...
  6. Re: Replay of the Ala vs. Auburn game coming on SEC network @ 5:30 est (11/30)

    I didn't get a chance to record it last night, so I'm getting the one coming on tomorrow.
  7. Re: UAB fires AD and is planning to shut down UAB football program

    Guess I'll hold on to the replica uab helmet I bought a few years back. It might be worth more of nothing one day.
  8. Re: UAB fires AD and is planning to shut down UAB football program

    No, they will just have to find replacements for them. Might have to book FCS opponents if no one else is available.

    As for the CUSA, I think their divisions are lopsided by one team anyway, so...
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    Re: Difficulties with the AU Offense

    Well I can understand the players playing a little tight at first, but they loosened up in the second half. I'd play tight too if I had seen death threats from some psycho fans first hand (like with...
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    Question: Re: Who thought Sylve had an int?

    When I saw it, I didn't think either really had full possession before sylve was out of bounds. I didn't even think INT until the announcers mentioned it.
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    Re: Bo Pelini Fired

    So that's Will Muschamp and Bo Pellini. Who else is on the coaching carousel this year? I can't think of anyone else.
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    Re: ****Bama vs. AU - Post Game Thread****

    We did it the first year Mizzou was in the SEC I think.
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    Re: SEC Championship Game

    Unless they changed it, I believe odd years are West teams, so no.
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    Re: Ole Miss..Rammer Jammer

    They started the whole "First Down Alabama (ole Miss)" thing after every first down too. I have a friend who graduated from Bama that refuses to say Roll Tide after it because it was taken from OM.
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. AU - Game Thread - 2nd Half****

    If they score a TD and miss the PAT or kick two field goals, they're not ahead is all I can think.
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