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    Re: The Earth dodged a solar bullet in 2012

    Did we dodge it, or did it just miss? We need to do an expensive study to understand how the earth moves, accelerates or decelerates to avoid solar bullets. Does the earth have some sort of Matrix...
  2. Re: Jeopardy! takes cheap shot at Notre Dame's 2013 BCS title performance

    This made me giggle like a little kid :)

    Nothing has made me feel like a kid again more than beating Texas and Notre Dame in championship games.
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    Re: If you Carry a weapon , what do you carry?

    Same here away. Glock 22 stays at home. Once I got a Glock I have been sold on them. Everything in 40 caliber just made it simple for me.
  4. Re: Rolling Stones Lists the 5 Most Dangerous Guns

    For a change, the comments are worth reading more than the article :)
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    Re: It's official - Russia enters Crimea

    That was my first reaction too.

    IMO. This is just another in a long line of cases where Putin is lining up 'reasons' to do what he is going to do anyways.
  6. Re:'s new look: Thumbs up or thumbs down

    It does look like they designed it specifically to work and look like a Windows 8 "Metro" touch screen app, and they probably do use it as such. I can see how scripting and style sheets like they are...
  7. Re: Interesting read re: minimum wage, the middle class and trick-down economics

    I understand where he is coming from. All I know is that every time they even talk about it my fixed income retired parents get really nervous about the induced inflation. They seem to feel the...
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    Re: IRS unable to produce emails to Congress

    I agree, there should have been a few heads rolling round back then. One would think they would immediately point to the 'skulls'.
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    Re: Obama considers sending Spec Forces to Iraq

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    Re: IRS unable to produce emails to Congress

    I agree with both of these statements.

    However, again just to be completely fair. I have had a few issues with Sonasoft (the archiving company they said they used) before. Their stubbing software...
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    Re: National Champion Vanderbilt Commodores

    LOL, Yup we know that feeling too :biggrin2:
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    Re: Is soccer about to explode?

    I believe it will have a boost. Along the lines of what tennis and golf did when US players were doing well. At one point tennis was a pretty important sport in the US, and still is somewhat but it...
  13. Re: 7 Year old drums out to Tom Sawyer - Watch out Neil Peart

    Some perspective:
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    Re: IRS unable to produce emails to Congress

    Not necessarily. What crimsonaudio said is true. Drives are much more reliable these days and inexpensive. Even local backups are moving to rotations of external drives.

    One of the services the...
  15. Re: Faith And Freedom Conference Features Obama Urinal Cakes

    I do see both sides of this argument.

    However, I fall on this is juvenile side. There are better ways of sending a message.

    What really gets me on this is the fact of where it was done and by...
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