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  1. Link: "No LSU football" scare tactic for LA budget

    So the governor of Louisiana wanted to get everyone's attention. How do you do that? Threatened that public universities wouldn't be open, meaning no LSU football this fall, unless the budgetary...
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    Re: White Helmets

    Haven't people generally complained that the white helmet was associated with a few major losses? It was a bit before my time is why I ask.

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    Re: Big loss for me today...

    I'm sure that you realize that the relatively few numbers of responses in this thread by no means represents the sense of loss, sadness, and prayers the Tidefans community has for you. As of my...
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    Re: Did you go to the championship game?

    The wife and I found many of those laying about after the game, unused, and scooped them up. I couldn't understand how people wouldn't take the time to go to the site and give that free donation.
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    Re: Bama vs USC

    Not sure, but holding off on buying this year. I lost over $1200 last year between the two playoff games AND overpaid by a few hundred for Wisconsin because I bought early. There's a stubhub a 3...
  6. Re: Going to throw out some random observations here...

    While it's clearly different, I felt we had the #1 recruiting class Monday after the CFB championship with so many of our players returning instead of going to the nfl.

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  7. Link: Re: Bagman Central - Interesting Article on how it goes down

    This article is over a year old. Is this really the first time guys are seeing this?
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    Re: NCAA Secret Suspensions

    Dang....I was hoping no one had made that reference yet
  9. Re: ESPN analyst Chris Fowler describes onside kick practice--Clemson board reacts

    You just need to go to the guest forum setting and it'll take care of that so that it reads like ours
  10. News Article: Re: Alabama Restores Order to College Football Universe WSJ 1-9-16

    That was hands down my favorite part of the article. I always cringe a bit when I see "beat so and so" buttons. The "beat everyone" is, IMO, the quintessential attitude held by every Bama fan.
  11. Question: Re: Which Juniors will leave early for the NFL? Just Henry and A'Shawn So Far

    He's got the leg. 57 yards in the rain this season vs LSU

    He's also the guy that kicked the perfect inside kick a few days ago.

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    Re: Alabama football fan support?

    A lot of this is planning IMO. On the way back from Dallas the wife and I made hotel, rental car, and air fare reservations for Atlanta, Phoenix, and Tampa-next year's playoff locations (were in...
  13. Game Thread Re: Official Pre-Game Thread - Bama vs. Clemson (National Championship Game)...

    Yup, they released that a few days ago but it doesn't change how awesome things are when the team votes for that to help keep the focus. In a related story, Sweeney and Saban talked about...
  14. Game Thread Re: Official Pre-Game Thread - Bama vs. Clemson (National Championship Game)...

    Is that why I've been laying here since 5 a.m.?
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    Re: Ex-players on Sidelines, Practices
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