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  1. Re: In your opinion....would Hillary make a good POTUS?

    I think Bill wasn't bad (he seems like a sleezy person with all the affairs, but he didn't ruin the country). Considering our last two Presidents, I think Hillary would be worse than the last two by...
  2. Re: 2016 DT Quinnen Williams (Wenonah, AL HS) Updates

    Roll Tide! Glad to add him. We need folks on the DL with a number expected to leave or graduate after this season. Definitely underrated right now, but he will move up.
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    Link: Re: 1913 Gettysburg reunion...

    History is there to remind us of the good and bad; trying to erase that history is simply ignorant overreaction.
  4. Re: 150 blacks killed by blacks so far in Chicago this year, nothing from the Preside

    I don't think this is a solution, but... The problem isn't more legislation that is needed, just like throwing more money into education won't solve our problems there. There's a lack of respect for...
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    Re: RB Damian Harris?

    Hope he takes it the right way and not the wrong way like a former RB we had. Disillusionment can lead to bitterness or it can lead to motivation. Hopefully he picks the latter.
  6. Re: Top juco OT Charles Baldwin commits to Alabama

    Roll Tide!! Great player at a huge position of need!!
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    Re: Mark May Out On ESPN College Gameday Final

    Add me to the list of folks not watching this anymore. They went from a fairly rational commentator (May) and well known older guy who cracked a few jokes (while showing his homerisms) to two idiots...
  8. Re: Any new news on Javier Arenas and Mike Johnson

    The new rookie wage scale is hurting rookies and veterans. Teams are getting UFA rookies cheaper than veterans for backup spots to save $$$ to pay the elite guys. So rookies get underpaid (relatively...
  9. Re: Any Game of Thrones TV Show watchers or Book readers out there?

    The first book is really good. I stopped toward the end of book two and I've heard books 4 and 5 (which is the basis of the current season) was brutal reading (little story progression, even more new...
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    Re: 2016 DT Kendell Jones, did he commit? Not yet...

    Roll Tide!! He looks like a grown man already and he's a Junior in HS. He will be a nice Texas addition to our Dl since Robinson is likely going pro. I love adding Texas kids like we've been doing.
  11. Re: Sharpton's daughter climbs Bali mountain after suing NYC for ankle injury.

    this. Jesse Jackson used his influence to get his son a plum job. Sharpton following a similar path it seems. I'm really hoping she gets made an example of. Who sues for spraining an ankle...
  12. News Article: Re: Tom Brady likely knew of 'inappropriate activities,' Deflategate report says

    The ruling is a joke. The report made several assumptions in its analysis (specifically regarding the gauge used by the ref; he believed he used one, but report claims he used the other to make the...
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    Re: Slow recruiting class

    2 commits today should make the OP feel better.

    I think Saban likes seeing players in person. After summer camps, we will have a few more I'm sure.
  14. Re: *** 2018 OL Dare Rosenthal Commits to Alabama***

    Great addition! Yes, it's early and he has a long time to change his mind, but he's obviously extremely talented and you can't teach size. Looks like a great OT. Roll Tide!
  15. Re: ***2016 DB Joshua Perry Commits to Alabama***

    Great pickup!! Roll Tide! Great size for S and good speed!
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