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  1. Question: Re: Ball Security: Area of Concern OR Aberration?

    This is an area of concern and will cost us if we continue. I do love this team, however.
  2. Question: Re: How is Scott hunter in terms of all time bama qbs?

    To answer the question, no, he is not among the all time bama qb's. He was a good qb who had a high number of passing yardage, interceptions, and losses.
  3. Question: Re: What new wrinkles and types of plays do you expect this weekend?

    I liked the toss sweep being used in the last game. I think we'll see more. However, we've got to keep getting Cooper the ball. I don't see anyone stopping him.
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    Re: Saban Joke, or why we all love Ms. Terry

    That is really funny. Good one, Ms Terry.
  5. Question: Re: How long before Evans is seeing major playing time?

    I was fired up about him when he committed, and I'm more fired up after seeing him Saturday. I want to see him play early and often. I think he's the real deal.
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    Re: Best Jersey Number In Alabama History?

    Great discussion. So many great players we've had the privilege to watch. One correction to a previous post. Steve Sloan wore #14. The other QB's who played with Sloan wore #12. Of course that was...
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    Re: Best Jersey Number In Alabama History?

    Mine is obvious. #54
  8. Re: What did you learn from the Thursday night games you watched? (My seven things)

    I learned that Texas A&M has an excellent QB, great skill players, and a great offensive line. They will be tough to beat.
    Unfortunately, the trend continues where good defensive football may be a...
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    Re: Depth Chart Released

    I like our depth on defense, especially the defensive line. Looks great and I hope they play well on Saturday.
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    Re: A replay of 1992 maybe?

    I agree. I hope it does compare to 1992 defense because they were the best we have ever had. I loved the 2011 defense, and they were close, but they also lost a game that year. It's a fun discussion...
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    Re: SEC Network will air 63 Classic Games in first two weeks

    I was told last Sunday by a Direct TV representative that they would have it on Aug 14. I haven't seen any confirmation of this. Anyone heard anything about this?
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    Re: QB battle dividing the team?

    I heard that Carvell and the AJC hates Alabama. Now, that may not be true, but that's what I've heard. I'd seriously doubt this guy has a source inside the Alabama program. Anybody can say anything,...
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    Re: So the (WAY) early line for Bama/WV is

    With an unproven QB and offensive line, 27 points is too much. The first thing I want to see is a talented defense that can shut down this type of offense. Offensively, I want to see our OLine play a...
  14. Re: Rich Rod comments on Nick Saban's opinion of HUNH offenses

    An Alabama fan believes defenses win championships. I love our great defenses and our championships. So, count me as one who does go to games to watch great defensive players and their coaches.
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    Re: Bret Bielema takes a couple of digs at Bama

    Bret, concentrate Bret. Let's focus. You open with the defending SEC champs, which is au in case you forgot. Control your obsession with Alabama, if you can. My opinion, a coach like this won't be at...
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