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    Re: Rece Davis - Father Passeed

    My prayers, as well.
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    Re: ****Bama vs. UF Pregame Thread****

    Did anyone see who GameDay picked to win our game? I switched back and forth at the end of the hour, but missed the Mother Ship's predictions.
  3. Link: Re: Update: Jameis winston out whole clemson game!!!!!!!

    Just woke up to this news. I'm letting the rightness of it wash over me. Would have been nice if FSU had gotten it right the first time, but it seems that Winston may have lied to them! :eek: It's...
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    Link: Re: Jameis Winston suspended 1st half vs Clemson

    ESPN -- TV and Radio -- have their talking points for the day that most hosts adhere to. A few are assigned to take the opposite position just to stir the pot. Controversy increases ratings. What the...
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    Link: Re: Jameis Winston suspended 1st half vs Clemson

    Maybe I missed it in the link, but it said that the FSU president and athletic director were the two who handed the half-game suspension down, not Jimbo. I'd read from another thread that Jimbo was a...
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    Re: CBS segment on Coach Saban tonight

    Thank you for posting. You started my morning off right. I saw it on CBS when it first ran, but it never gets old.
  7. Re: Tennessee jumps on the bad uniform bandwagon for the florida game

    Is it a night game? Maybe it's their stealth uni, harder for the Gators to see. It doesn't have as much gosh-awful orange as their usual togs.
  8. Re: Really hoping our guys find an answer to the HUNH!

    From ESPN, the sidebar to their article on the UA v WVU game:

    It leads to the question: How did we beat the six teams who snapped the ball in under 26 sec? Can it be duplicated with the...
  9. Re: We've Got Ourselves a Kicker Guys (Scrimmage Discussion)

    KNEW we had ourselves a kicker. Watched him kick his high school team into the Georgia state championship. Probably wouldn't have noticed him if reporters hadn't labeled him...
  10. Thread: aTm @ USC

    by Bamanooga

    Game Thread Re: Kudos to Kenny Hill

    All you said /\ /\ /\ He showed great leadership, maturity, poise. Johnny Foosball had 1 out of 3. I had wanted the Old Ball Coach to win his 200th game last night, but TA&M, mainly Hill, put the...
  11. Re: Will Kiffin Coach From The Sideline Or The Press Box?

    Thought so! That's where he was for the A-Day game. I'd expected him to be invisible, like Nuss.
  12. Thread: Gameface On

    by Bamanooga

    Re: Gameface On

    Done! Thanks for the reminder.
  13. Link: Re: Joe Willie appears in Manning brothers rap for Fantasy Football

    [QUOTE=bama2112;2427486]I am not going to make any personal comments about this video or the noise pollution you hear. I will say this , I think Joe Willie can find a hotter looking Mom to do a...
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    Re: SEC Network Links and news

    I saw a newspaper article that negotiations were going on for EPB to carry the SEC network, but hadn't heard the ad. That's bold of EPB if the deal isn't inked.

    That point aside, HOORAY when it...
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    Re: Need your help

    A good memory as a Bama fan was a few years back in a game when we were clearly dominating the Razorbacks. My husband and I were sitting in a huge Bama section with about 7 gloomy-faced Arkansas...
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