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  1. Re: Say Something Nice About USC...? (We haven't done one of these in a while)

    Yes, you are right. I just looked it up. I thought it was USC-Cal....:p_red:
  2. Re: Say Something Nice About USC...? (We haven't done one of these in a while)

    "The Play to beat the Band". Can't forget on of the all time great finishes in college football in the Cal-USC game.
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    ADMIN NOTE: Re: Welcome to The Rivalry Room!

    I agree.
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    Re: Derrick Henry Having a Good Night

    I know he doesn't fit the prototypical NFL running back mold, but I think they sometimes underestimate a players intangibles like heart and mindset. He will give them a 150% whether it be on field...
  5. Re: I'd sure feel a lot better about the 2016 season if only (Adam Griffith thread)

    Kicker problems were always the bane of Bobby Bowden. But then again, CNS has usually overcome this problem. Guess it tells you how good Saban really is.
  6. Re: Video: Charles Barkley Interviews Nick Saban

    I don't always agree with Charles but I appreciate that he says what he's thinking.
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    Re: 2016 Alabama Team and Coaching Staff Pictures

    Agree. I think he likes to mess with Saban whenever he can based on past interviews. All in fun though.I can picture Saban just shaking his head when he walked onto the field.
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    Re: One Hell of a Day!!

    When I was growing up, my neighbor across the street had a Shih Tzu. They called it "Mr T" . That always cracked me up. How about "Little Tide".
  9. Link: Re: USA Today Names Reuben Foster Best LB'er In College Football Entering 2016

    Gets a lot of practice....:biggrin:
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    Re: Favorite Underdog Win for Bama

    Mine was the 92 championship against Miami. As someone said "they were loud and cocky for sure" but the thing that really made it sweet was the LA newspaper article that some sportswriter had wrote....
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    Re: Gus Malzahn signs extension

    He might be on the hot seat again after their opening game with Clemson.
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    Re: CBS Selects Bama-Ole Miss for 2:30 Kick

    Everyone will be watching this one. There will be many hoping for Freeze to pull off a rare three in a row over Saban.
  13. Link: Re: Alabama Spent Some Cash on Its Two CFP Game Trips

    I approve this message. :biggrin2:
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    Re: I hate this time of year

    At least you get snow. All we get is rain and cold. :wink:
  15. Re: Team Honored at WH--link

    Great honor for the team. These fellas will have some great memories over the past year. So proud of the all.
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