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  1. Link: Re: More Digging by USAToday Reporter Leads to Uncovering Another Jameis Winston Inci

    Yea, Tideman09, I'm praying for you each night. Roll Tide brother!
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    Re: QB battle dividing the team?

    Every player on our team knows that with the talent we have recruited, all positions are competitive. You earn your position as a starter.
    This AJC guy Carvell is that paper's recruiting reporter....
  3. Re: *** 2015 DT Jonathan Ledbetter Commits to Alabama ***

    I totally agree. It's the right thing to do if you're going to flip, don't leave us hanging. I hope he stays but I'm sure CNS and CKS are keeping a close watch on this one. Stay Jonathan and Roll...
  4. Re: CB / S Ronnie Harrison Updates

    Roll Tide and welcome Ronnie!
  5. Re: *** 2015 DT Jonathan Ledbetter Commits to Alabama ***

    If he does flip who do we go after to replace his spot? I know we are looking good for Payne, but do we take an additional DT?
  6. Question: Re: How crazy it would be if SEC and ACC and then Big 10 and Big 12 combine?

    No, just no.
  7. Re: Rich Rod comments on Nick Saban's opinion of HUNH offenses

    If you were a blue chip recruit that plays defense, would you want to play for RR? We will have the Hunh figured out this season. Coach Saban is on top of it and you can see it in the type of players...
  8. Re: 4* DE/Jack LB James Lockhart Updates

    You knew they were going to save a space for him. He really liked Bama but the only way he'd come is if TAM turned him down. Seems like a good young man. Good luck in 11 games.
  9. Link: Re: California Kids Football: New Rules Limit Practices Amid Concussion Fears Read L

    Football is a contact game and a violent game. I appreciate the effort to limit concussions and brain injuries, but I fear that football could be outlawed at some point in the future. It could...
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    Re: Off Season Problems with Players

    I think you really nailed it. Everything mistake these guys make in public is going to show up on a Bleacher Report kind of site immediately. I know CNS hammers these guys to think before they act,...
  11. Re: My kids have all the fun (met Dominick Jackson)

    That's a big dude, great picture!
  12. News Article: Re: Saban UA's longest-tenured coach since Bryant

    It's so obvious that Coach Saban was the right man at the right time for Alabama. The love of this football program was never questioned by any of our fans. I've always believed that the football...
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    Re: SEC Network Links and news

    Now I will stay with Comcast. Roll Tide!

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  14. Re: *** OG / C Brandon Kennedy Updates Commits to Alabama ***

    Welcome Brandon and Roll Tide!

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    Re: Mark Richt is a good man

    Well you know UGA fans just aren't used to winning the national championship in football. They did win one with arguably the best running back ever, but have never been back in the game. I don't know...
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