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  1. Link: Re: Very interesting Foxsports take on the Longhorn Network...

    This really was a disastrously stupid decision. I'm as big an Alabama fan as there is and I love every ounce of news and coverage I can get. but a one team network makes about as much since as a...
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    Re: Winston strikes back with a counter suit

    I know this is legal wrangling as usual but in my opinion having the evidence put before anyone other than the cigar smokers in charge at FSU is a mistake by Winston's team. They should write a big...
  3. Re: Landon Collins - where do you think he will go?

    He really needed an extra year to improve his cover skills but when ONE person says they could go in the first round they will listen to that guy and ignore anyone else. I don't blame them. If I...
  4. Link: Re: Four-star OG Deonte Brown Commits To Alabama

    Not a very highly ranked player but I can see in the film that his footwork is really good for a big man. Guards and Centers are notoriously difficult to rate. Most are listed as either 3 or 4...
  5. Re: Cyrus Jones Arrested

    With such a minor charge I'll wait to hear what really happened before I pass judgment on this. They arrest people today for breathing too hard on dandelions. Back when I was in school you...
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    News Article: Re: We Still Haven't Gotten Our Identity Back

    If you think back to the 2010 Michigan State game. Under today's rules the entire starting defence would have been tossed from the game for essentially "hitting too hard". We can't play that game...
  7. Re: Study concludes shuttered football program at UAB made money

    In addition to the many holes you guys have already shot in this ridiculous report there is the fact that UAB's football team was vastly underfunded and to become competitive they needed a lot more...
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    Re: THE osu spring game attendance...

    They were predicting thunder storms during the game up until 24 hours before the game. A very large portion of people who said they were going the week before bailed due to that. if one lightning...
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    Re: Favorite players from your childhood

    Probably Ricky Moore and Walter Lewis.
  10. Re: Jameis Winston Says Stolen Crab Legs Were Given to Him

    Winston, the Gift that keeps on giving! If we only knew the blessing from above it was the day he decided Tuscaloosa wasn't exciting enough. FSU has probably lost more on legal fees than they made...
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    Question: Re: Braxton Miller to UA?

    I am of the opinion that Miller to Bama is a waste of time. He would enter the fall so far behind the others in knowledge of the offence that we would have another Coker situation. This team will...
  12. Re: When will the crimson/white rosters be announced?

    Didn't see any surprises there. Looks like Coker still holding the edge in the QB race.
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    Re: 2015 Spring Practice Thread

    My concern with the QB situation is that even though we got good production last year Sims for all his good points got too predictable when things got tough. One reason AJ McCarron had the...
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    Re: 2015 Spring Practice Thread

    It's probably worth noting that virtually every SEC team signs numerous high school super stars every year and they all struggle to find effective quarterbacks. How many times I wiped sweat from my...
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    Question: Re: Question about the team this year

    Spring stats are completely useless unless you know who they came against. Black could have been going against our best corners while others with more stats could have been going against a...
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