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  1. Game Thread Re: Official Pregame Thread - Bama vs. Wisconsin...

    Good morning and Roll Tide. We've been owing these boys since 1928. Go get em Boys.
  2. Question: What do you think our first offensive play from scrimmage will be?

    (and what would you like to see?)

    I'll go with Henry running left. I'd like to see a flea flicker off that design with either a deep pass to a WR (any WR) or a crossing route to OJ in the flat...
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    Re: Tailgating options around Cowboys Stadium

    Yep. Was there for UM and we didn't even try to tailgate in that heat. Also, back then they were wanding everyone going in and doing a slow job of it. We waited about 20 minutes in the heat just...
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    Re: Pick the score: Wisconsin vs. Alabama

    I think we win and cover. Don't see a pathway for them to score more than 20, and I'm building in a major offense or ST mistake to get them to that.

    Say 31 -13. I think the O/U is pretty high...
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    Re: Early Lines for Week 1 Games of Note

    O/U on the number of times the camera catches Coach Boom looking like his head is going to explode? I'm guessing about 6.
  6. Re: Saban's 2015 New Gameplan - We score A LOT, you punt a lot

    Excellent Mapper. And with Henry's ability to pick up blitzes and catch it out of the back field, well, it makes it terribly hard on a defense. Which I am in favor of. Of course, if the defense is...
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    Re: Kenyan Drake's speed

    Yes, he is some heavier. Just watching, he does not appear to be any slower. Personally, I'm more concerned about his hamstring, which just has such an incredibly wide range of possible outcomes,...
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    Re: Which coach have you hated losing to the most?

    Phatimus the Cheater, and it isn't particularly close.
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    Re: QB battle at Scrimmage #2...

    I've been lucky enough to attend a few scrimmages in the Saban era, and you make an interesting point. Scrimmage stats are very different than game stats. Example: (not this year) A non-first...
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    Poll: Re: Pick the starting QB for Wisconsin game

    Zow? Sorry, flashback. I'm going to say Morris, because I have an impression he takes better care of the football. That impression is strictly based on a bunch of rumors, but I do think CNS values...
  11. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    I think the starting 5 are set and they are experimenting now/getting experience for injury, etc. situations. Didn't Pierschbacher play center some when Kelly was injured last year?
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    Re: My take on where the QB job is at...

    It's mostly surprising because JC was apparently within one decent scrimmage performance of getting the nod last year. I still wouldn't be surprised to see two guys get lots of playing time in the...
  13. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    *Like*. I think they were still experimenting with Taylor and moving Arie around even this late in camp last year. Having pretty much the same guys go through spring and this much of the fall...
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    Re: My take on where the QB job is at...

    This. Zow vs. Watts, anyone? I do recall a period when our scholarship numbers were so low that we basically had one guy who could go and if something happened to him (poor Brodie) things were just...
  15. Re: Possible Trouble on the Plains: Duke Williams Misses Second Straight Practice

    Team vote? I'm sure the fambly will rally behind him. Defensive coaches are starting to figure Gus out. If the officials will enforce the rules as written, Gus is going to need all the talent he...
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