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    Re: Play QB at Bama if want a cute girlfriend

    I bet her twitter account just got a bit hit of followers!!!! I dont think Musburgers heart could handle looking at this one..
  2. Link: Re: AJ McCarron and Jameis Winston to square off tonight on ESPN

    I tired to watch another pro football game and to be honest I had rather watched dancing with the stars. Its a joke what the pro game has became. Well I can say I watch my one pro game of the year...
  3. Re: The University has asked for media silence on practice

    Do you really think he cares about winning any favors with the majority of the writers that cover Alabama. Half of the stuff that is on is just so you click on the article so they get paid...
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    Link: Notre Dame's new uniforms

    Not as bad as Maryland but it seems that tradition at the Dome is now history along with National Championships.

  5. News Article: Alabama senate proposes bill to have Auburn claim 9 titles

    So the state is going to dissolve Medicad , because the senate cant pass a increase in cigarette taxes.

    Why is this senator stirring this up.

  6. Re: Saban Biography "Saban: The Making of a Coach" Thread

    If you think for a minute that CNS didnt think long and hard about what he said in his press conference, the we really underestimate him. Now thats is a question someone needs to ask him after the...
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    Re: if you were the reporter

    I wouldnt ask him about a unauthorized biography.....LOL so we know what he thinks about the book.
  8. Thread: SI top 25

    by bama2112

    Re: SI top 25

    I am glad I didnt renew my subscription for this year.
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    Re: Random quarterback observation I just had

    I totally agree on the god awful ugly trophy. they should have keep the crystal ball. whos wants to kiss a piece of metal shaped like a piece of 4 inch pipe.
  10. News Article: Nick Sabans offers advice on chasing women- Review of biography - Las Vegas Review

  11. News Article: Re: Cyrus Jones Feels Overlooked Nationally, Ready to 'Show People What I'm All About

    I wonder what part of keep your mouth shut and let your playing speak for you did this kid forget . You think CNS may have a prayer meeting with him.
  12. Re: Report: Four SEC teams to wear black Nike alternate uniforms in 2015

    I have been watching Bama since the 60's and I dont remember a single time we wore black uniforms. I know what Sabans comments have been about tradition, so I dont see it happening.

    The article...
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    Re: Blake sims signs with CFL team

    Tino Sunseri is also listed as one of the QBs I dont know if he is still on the team but his dad is ,Sal Sunseri, is a coach for the FSU and his younger brother, Vinne plays professional football...
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    Poll: Re: Most memorable win over Georgia

    I fully agree the 1984 game almost game me a heart attack. Richardson caught a Shula pass and got of bounds to stop the clock. Keith Jackson does a great job of calling the final drive. I know its...
  15. Re: Appears to be More Issues within the Texas Athletic Department

    I wonder what the average salary of the assistant coaches is its over 100K per year. I can see the grad assistants getting free meals. But if you making that much to coach you can afford to buy ...
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