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    Re: Pick the score: FL Atlantic vs. Alabama

    Good guys 52

    Other team 10
  2. Re: CFB Live-"Alabama is the most overrated team in the country."

    Folks, the talking heads are saying and doing what their doing for RATINGS....and people fall for it by writing in and blogs and such,...they have no idea from one week to the next what's gonna...
  3. Re: What did you learn from the Thursday night games you watched? (My seven things)

    That SC has no Defense..
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    Good read...
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    Re: Article: Defending the Read-Option

    Well that's true....
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    Re: Article: Defending the Read-Option

    I said it before and I'll say it's ASSIGNMENT football, WE CAN successfully defend the HUNH or read option plays from the HUNH teams as long as our defenders play their assignment. When...
  7. Link: Re: Players like this are what worry me...WVU

    He's probably a good LB. But when Yeldon and Henry's big physical bodies bust him over and over when he tries to tackle them...they'll be a difference.
  8. Re: It's that time again. Pick The Score: West Virginia vs. Alabama

    Good guys 38

    Mountaineers 13
  9. Question: Re: Just for fun....who will the starting quarterback be in our first game?

    I will be...
  10. Re: Who are you most looking forward to having a great year?

    TJ....Go ahead bud, break that record!!
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    Link: Re: Bama #1 in New ESPN Poll

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    Re: What is Your Favorite Kind of Win?

    (Favorite kind of win for me is) The kind where I get to put a "W" beside the Tennessee, LSU, and Auburn games on the schedule on the fridge...
  13. Re: West Virginia 3-3-5 Defense against Alabama

    3-3-5?...They better put more than 3 guys on the line to stop our backs....Just saying...cuz once they get into the second level...look out..
  14. Link: Re: 2014 Seems to have bought in according to Coach Saban

    Like I've said before, with all the talent we have on this team, if everybody's bought into the "System"...then it'll be a Super Year...Roll #16 Roll!!
  15. Link: Re: Saturday Down South's 10 Best RB's of the BCS Era.

    I'm not surprised to see that about TJ....He's a beast running the ball, and while alot are stuck on how good Henry will be (and I too like Henry alot) we tend to forget that this year TJ has a...
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